Once upon a time, all of our Italy-based girlfriends spent their summers getting foot massages on the beach at Bonassola, trolling the markets for a new pair of designer sunnies, and sourcing the coolest new hotels to spend a weekend at. The last couple of years, everyone has been making a beeline to Albatros in July and August, so we had to find out what this hot spot was all about!

Turns out, times have changed — our fashionista girlies are mamas now, and Albatros is all the rage because it’s perfect for families with young kids. Think glamping in a pine forest in Tuscany, but decked out with amenities like super shallow pools, so even very young kids can splash and play safely while mom and dad enjoy an Aperol Spritz on a deck chair (there are deep pools for real swimming too). Air conditioned mini cabins come equipped with a kitchenette and BBQ so that you can cook your own meals (there’s a well-stocked supermarket on-site), or eat out at one of several restaurants. A great place for families to chill out between high-octane cities like Florence and Milan, and an excellent base for day trips to Tuscan towns.


Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi

What do we hear most about Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi? That if you’re going to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime 5-star stay, do it here — it’s that incredible. This exceptionally well-maintained Art Nouveau villa is built right into the rock overhanging the sea, so the views couldn’t be more spectacular. Add the Michelin star restaurant, glass elevator to the private beach, luxurious spa, and Vietri majolica tiles in every room, and you’ll see why most guests say the only negative about this place is that they eventually had to leave.


Our Tour Manager, Kelly, lives in the Cinque Terre year-round, and can’t stop talking about the mouthwatering amuse bouches she had the other night at La Lampara in Riomaggiore. We reached out to owner Antonio Spadaro to find out what went into each of Chef Emanuele’s tiny creations, and this is what he told us: puffed pacchero pasta with basil pesto; salmon marinated for 72 hours and paired with burratasgabeo (fried dough), whipped salt cod and fresh chives. Follow Emanuele at @lalamparariomaggiore to see his artistry in action.

Image 2: La Lampara


Italians got a major yank on the heartstrings on Sunday and a major dose of national pride. High jumper Gianmarco Tamberi was neck and neck with Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar, each unable to outdo the other after several rounds, when officials announced they could settle the competition with a jump-off. Instead, Barshim asked if they could simply share the gold. When they were told that yes, they could, they slapped hands and hugged in what might be one of the most heartwarming moments of this year’s Games. And to top it off, Italy’s Lamont Marcell Jacobs had just won the country’s first gold ten minutes earlier for the Men’s 100 m sprint.

Image: Gianmarco Tamberi


Nothing clears our heads and gets us grounded like an early-morning hike up to the Sanctuary above Riomaggiore. Literally this must be what heaven looks like.


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