Explore Florence in the coolest way possible! Highlights of Florence by Sidecar is a 2 hour tour of Florence via vintage motorcycle and sidecar, or motocarrozzetta. This Airbnb tour is highly recommended by our tour guide Tim as a fun way to zip into the heart of the city. Slip on a helmet and motorcycle goggles, hop on the back of the bike or into the side car, and prepare to feel a joyous rush of adrenaline. Roar along the Lungarni (the riverside streets that run through Florence) and twist up tree-lined streets to Piazzale Michelangelo. From the Piazzale, you will have a panoramic view of Florence’s skyline. Take a moment to appreciate the bronze copy of Michelangelo’s David, as well as the four allegories known as Night, Day, Dawn, and Dusk. The agile nature of the motocarrozzetta allows your seasoned driver to take you into the neighborhoods that buses and larger vehicles can’t access. Your driver will show you a side of Florence that you could never see any other way. He’ll take you to one of his favorite cafes for refreshments and offer animated local perspectives. Prepare to feel invigorated! (If unexpected and unique experiences like this make your heart beat faster, purchase Gigi Guides, digital city guides that will hook you in to Italy’s awesomest-everything!)

Image: Highlights of Florence by Sidecar


Hotel Marina is one of our top choices for our Cinque Terre tour. This charming seaside hotel is located in “old town” Monterosso. Just steps from the beach and run by a welcoming staff, Hotel Marina features exposed rock walls and multiple terraces. In fact, this week our guests are staying there! They welcomed the first day of summer with breakfast in the “lemon garden”. Picture it: Morning light filtering through a citrus canopy, comfy wicker armchairs, and flavorful bites–what a perfect way to begin the longest day of the year! There’s even a cask jacuzzi on the fourth terrace (book ahead for this and soak amongst olive trees and vines, enjoy your own private sea view, and unwind with a massage). The second terrace offers comfy sun beds surrounded by citrus trees, which is the perfect place for a midday rest. If you’re in the mood for an aquatic avventura (adventure), snorkel and kayak gear is loaned by the hotel. Easy, right? 

Image: Hotel Marina


Bar Bagni Alga in old town has what every beach day needs- a beautiful spot on the water, beach chairs, striped umbrellas, and a menu that will tip you into a state of beatitudine (bliss). This week our guests enjoyed a lovely evening apericena here (for those of you who haven’t been to Italy yet, an apericena is like a snack buffet with drinks-lighter than dinner but more substantial than an aperitivo). We had a lovely evening with slanting sun rays, salty air, delicious food, and perfect cocktails. If you wind up at Bar Bagni Alga, try some crispy bruschette and a Hugo (sparkling elderflower spritz). The balance of crunch, bursting-with-flavor toppings, and icy cold sweetness will refresh you for your evening. In fact, closing your eyes while the sea breeze washes over you is pretty refreshing too! (Insider tip: The beach lounge chairs are available as rentals and the bar is open until 7 pm. They also serve breakfast and cappuccinos, etc, so this is also a wonderful place to start your day.)


Image: Bar Bagni Alga




Language lessons! Visiting a country that speaks a different language can be scary, funny, or both. Some intricacies will provoke confusion and (later,when you tell your bestie that you accidentally asked the waiter for a hot kiss) belly-laughing. Our Italian Fix guides help you navigate, but learning some basics or brushing up on your Italian before you travel never hurts. 

For me, Italian language lessons are where my life took a wildly unexpected turn (I had no idea that accepting a scholarship for Italian language summer school would lead me to my husband, my daughter, my career, and an ocean of brilliant travel experiences).If you’re planning a trip to Italy this summer, why not learn some Italian with ScuolaScuola before you go!

ScuolaScuola offers in person classes in Toronto, or online from wherever you are.Their Summer Camp courses are super fun and focus on all your travel needs, must-knows, must-sees, and cultural curiosities. Each course consists of 4 lessons. Classes meet once a week for 2 hours. They are held in June, July, and August. They offer varying skill levels:


Summer Camp – Beginner

Summer Camp – Elementary

Summer Camp – Intermediate


As an ItalianFix client and friend, you get 20% OFF your course fee by inserting the ‘ItalianFix20’ code at checkout.


What are you waiting for? Let ScuolaScuola help you get this trip started!

Questions? Contact info@scuolascuola.com


With love + crispy bruschette


PS Want to join us on this tour in September? Send us an email with “Cinque Terre ME!,” and we’ll send you details about the last spots of this season on September 1-8 or 22-29, 2022.

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