There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those who go on vacation.

And those who go on vacation AND habitually browse real estate listings while on vacation.

Count me into the latter group.

Netflix, nah, give me the Sotheby’s International Realty website — prowling listings is a recipe for some delicious downtime.

I’ve already told you about the 1 euro houses in Italy.

Although you can spend substantially more, people are surprised to find out an Italian home is a cheaper option than where you live now (depending on where it is, as value is all relative).

I grew up near one of the most high priced markets on the globe, Vancouver, Canada. Through the “Vancouver lens,” almost everything looks like a deal.  You can’t buy a garden shed for a million bucks in VanCity.

So when I see a 5 bedroom villa, with a badass pool, some olive trees and a few acres of land, I’m like, where’s my wallet?

We already own a house in Italy, handed down from my hubby’s family. But we’re always on the lookout for new pretty spots. Spots that could upgrade some client vacations and our own family memories too.

See what 50k … or 500k will get you.

Houses for sale in Italy under 50 000 euro

Got more time than cash?

Here’s a sampling of what you can pick up.

houses for sale in italy modica sicily apartment

This above property is listed at 10 000 euro in the historical centre of one of my fave towns, Modica in Sicily. Pull up your sleeves, it’s reno time.

houses foe sale in italy apartment in como

Tiny apartment for 50 000 euro in Como,  Northern Italy (above). You can hang your laundry off the balcony, just like the Italians.

houses for sale in Italy stone house in tuscany

Above, this stone house in Scansano, Tuscany for 50 000 euro is to be finished on the inside. All the above listing are on Casa.it.

Houses for sale in Italy under 200 000 euro

houses for sale in italy lake garda

For 75 000 euro, a ready to move in apartment (with a pool) in the town of Malcesine, overlooking Lake Garda, Province of Verona.

In Puglia, a newly renovated “trullo” home with big gardens. Pick up this slice of Puglia for 119 000 euro.

house for sale in Italy overlooking the lake

On Lake Garda, a fixer upper with a view for 190 000 euro. All the above listing are on Casa.it.

Houses for sale in Italy under a million euro

Close to Rome, this 19th century farmhouse on 4 hectares of land is 335 000 euro.

Brand new villa in Puglia, near the beach, for 495 000 euro.

houses in italy tellaro with ocean view

For 550 00 euro you can have this fab apartment right in the marina in one of the cutest villages in Italy, Tellaro, Liguria.

Estate in Sardinia, close to the beach, for 850 000 euro.

3 beds, 3 baths surrounded by a hectare of landscaped parks in Ancona for 865 000.

And my fave for just over a mill …

Infinity pool, land with “trullo” house in Puglia. (Above listings from Sotheby’s International Realty.)

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Sure, buying a house in Italy would be a major pain in the ass. (Not lying here.)

But not as big of a pain in the ass as being too chicken to act on your most significant “wants” you have for yourself.

An open mind is an inspired mind is a growing mind. Say that 10 times.

Do you look at the real estate listings too? Where are your fave pockets of the world to look at?

And, any surprises I shared with you?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Let me know in the comments!


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3 Responses

  1. I think we need a “wanderlust trigger” warning at the top of this post!! How beautiful.

    My absolute favorite was the fabulous apartment in Tellaro!

    Big hugs to you all at Italian Fix!


    1. Hi Alex! Thank you so much for being here with us <3

      Love that we pulled your trigger! 😉 Hard not to fall for Italy, she’s just so romantic.

      Bear hug from us!


  2. I will share this post to my friends who tend to settle down in Italy. I don’t think that the process of buying a house in Italy would be easy like that.

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