Doesn’t it feel tricky sometimes to “look on the bright side?”

In our hearts and brains, we know it’s the right way to approach life. But let’s face it, sometimes  it’s damn hard to be feeling “two thumbs up.”

In fact, sometimes you’re just feeling a major case of two thumbs down. I’ve been there.

You know you’re in a funk when first thing in the morning — even before you’ve rolled over to check the time — you think, “Ughhhh.” Or, “Waaahhh!” Or, “Dear God (or other preferred deity) help me.”

I’m not talking the random Monday mornings when you just don’t feel like peeling yourself out of your numerous-thread-count Egyptian cotton nest.

I’m talking about those times in your life when, well… something has snatched your Happy, blindfolded it, and thrown it out the window of a speeding minivan at such velocity it rolls into oncoming traffic on the freeway and …splat

Your Happy is gone.

Why bother being happy?

Many people you admire in your life make the most of the days they’re given. They make art, music, create companies, foster innovation, help marginalized people, protect children and generally make the planet a better place to hang around on.

Everything is energy. I’m talking about that intense physical and emotional energy it takes to do, to create, to build. To manifest all you want to see and do in your lifetime.

I’m pretty crappy at math. (I was an “A” in Art but a “C-” in Math kinda kid.)

But I have an equation that won’t challenge even us “C-” students.

I believe this matters because of what we “get” out of being happy.

More happy = more energy.
More energy = more motivation.
More motivation = courage to do the things that are important to you, which leads to progress.
Doing important things and feeling like you’re making progress = more happy.

Does this resonate?

(That’s me on the beach below, mermaid hair don’t care.)


Protect Happy.

I’m on a mission to protect Happy.

I want to swaddle it tight in a cashmere baby blanket. Not because it’s fragile, but because it’s important.

No human on earth has been without suffering.

The question is, how much suffering do you sign yourself up for at any given time? (Notice that I think we have some control over our suffering.)

Not because things are so easy, or that you can Happy your way into something by chanting and sage smudging your house.

But just because there’s so much evidence that happy is more of a choice than a set of circumstances. There are examples of people in history and living today who have risen above the unthinkable tragedies in their lives, and have turned those challenges into their greatest teachings.

Want more Happy? Do this:

I heard Pitbull (the rapper) say he would like to see Forbes publish of a list of the world’s happiest people, not a list of the world’s wealthiest. He knows several miserable billionaires.

I believe there’s an incredibly powerful yet incredibly simple way to grab Happy by the cajones.

Have more fun.


It’s yours for the taking.

It’s a renewable resource.

It’s legal.

There’s no travel ban on it (yet!).

No matter your marital status, your financial status, or your airline status, you too have access to it.

Let the fun in.

I absolutely love this quote:

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Khalil Gibran

Fun is an instant lightener.

Having fun should be on your priority list.

You can’t be crabby and have fun at the same time.

We say “have fun” to our children as we kiss them on the cheek when they go outside and play.

But do we say it to ourselves enough?

Do you write “have fun” on your calendar?

By the looks on people’s faces in the day-to-day, I have a hunch this isn’t happening.

Italian Fix FUN

Prioritize fun.

Fun is valid. It’s important. It’s allowed. Make time for it.

Just because it feels good.

And feeling good is actually the point, amiright?

Fun is good for your soul.

It makes the “good stuff” in your life come to the surface, and it instantly disconnects you from stress or anxiety.

It’s a domino effect.

Of course, travel can be insanely FUN. (I’m willing to admit I’m incredibly biased on this thought.)

But travel means you’re in a new place and that jolts you out of the ho-hum.

I think one of the reasons we get great reviews about our trips is because we make fun a priority.

We take care of all the logistics so our clients can let their hair down and just, fun-it-up. We have eyes in the back of our heads so they don’t have to.

They may have super stressful jobs and take their life way too seriously at home. But when they come with us, they’re dancing in the piazza.

They’re being silly, giggling in the back seat on a surprise vintage Fiat 500 ride.

They’re cracking jokes with the waiters and with their trip mates.

Italian Fix Fun

They’re — gasp! — relaxed.

Even the “suffer no fools” types get to shed the responsibility and heaviness of life and just enjoy the moment. And the prosecco.

What happens in Italy stays in Italy.

In our orbit, fun is encouraged. And created!

Clients have come home and taken that upbeat “life is short” energy and

Sometimes all you need is space to breathe, space to think, and some good, clean, easy, zero-guilt FUN.

(And the Boomerang app on your iPhone, which is how we made these images. That’s just silly fun.)




When’s the last time you felt fully ALIVE? Is it a distant memory or did it happen yesterday?

I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Xx Bianca

Image credit: Caroline White (top)

12 Responses

  1. Dear Bianca,
    I just like to read your comments and the reviews you are writing about. It’s funny and very inviting. My problem is that I travel with my husband and I am keeping you in my mind to take you seriously just in case I would be alone.
    But I will send your messages to my friend is is alone.
    Wish you all the luck.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Appreciate you passing along our info to your friend.

  2. This is a great article, thanks for sharing! I love how you emphasize choices as an instrument in attaining happiness. And travel, well that can be like a zap of electricity that gets the heart beating again in a flatline situation! Choose happy:-)

    1. Thanks for being here Marie. Appreciate your thoughtful comment and — I agree totally!

  3. Bianca,
    Have you been reading my mind through the Internet?!! It feels you’re talking directly to me! I definitely need some fun right about now and with that the courage to make some hard choices. I just wish I could leave on one of your adventures TODAY!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet message Tere. That would be fun to be flying out TODAY!

  4. I love your energy and can’t wait to come to Italy in 2018 on one of your trips! You are so spot on regarding positivity and having fun. I am always the planner, so it will be amazing to let go and come with you on a stress free holiday.

    1. Paula! We would be honored to have you on one of your trips. <3 It’ll be nice for you to take your “planner hat” off and let us take care of you. That way you can just relax and enjoy the moment you’ve worked hard to claim! xx Bianca

  5. Thank you for this article, Bianca! I found it very inspirational. We all get busy in our lives, and since I am a Mom, I tend to put everyone else first. I am going to plan that girls night out now after reading your article. You are certainly right – we all need to “have more fun” because it is “ours for the taking”. Grazie Bianca!

    1. Ciao Kory, Super happy you found inspiration in the post. Yes, get a babysitter for those kids and go out with your girlfriends! Laughter is a soundtrack to feed your soul. Prosecco also helps 😉 xx Bianca

  6. Hey Bianca,

    I Love your website, blogs and all your wonderful advice. We’re off to Cinque Terre in 2 weeks and am super-psyched; and armed with your many wonderful suggestions and insights. Just wanted to say “thanks a bunch”. You’re a gem!!

    1. Thanks so much, Brian! Appreciate you reaching out and sharing that with me. You’re a gem too! Have a wonderful trip to Cinque Terre. xx Bianca

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