This place called Italian Fix exists because I can totally relate to people who have a burning desire to visit Italy. I’ve been that person. I’ve said, “Wow, I need to go to Italy”. Spine tingling would occur when I would hear others say, “I just spent two weeks in Rome”. Factoid: yes. Illogical: probably.

I finally went to Italy and you can read more about it from my first post. Seven years later and I now look back on that experience as an epic shift in my life trajectory.  I ended up moving there, learned Italian and married an amazing Italian who was a brave speaker of the English pickup line, “Can I buy you a drink”? We now have a three year old daughter. That was some trip! And while I am not recommending stuffing a wedding dress in your luggage as you trot off on your three week Italian vacation, I am saying, “Wow, life is a wild ride”. And travel is an amazing part of that ride. So go do that.

If you told me when I was living in Italy that I was gonna build a useful place on the web to help people go to Italy, than I would of said, “What do I know?”  I was too caught up in conjugating verbs to believe I had much to contribute to that conversation. Now I believe I have tons to add to the conversation.

Today I officially roll out the welcome mat and invite you inside this place. I commit to be useful to YOU, my beloved and soon-to-be voracious new readers. I will help translate your burning desire to visit Italy by helping with these things:

What is my hidden agenda? I would ask that too. Well for one, it is an insanely compelling experiment for me. First website, first writing that is read beyond my college profs, first reaching out to people I have never met, first everything. I am so totally pumped about this project that for the last four months I have been working on making it good or thinking about how to make it good or reading about how to make something like this good.  Which in turn has been a massive creative force which I thrive on cause I was born that way. Creating pumps me up. Watching others create also pumps me up.

Writing a blog is a creation that is accessible far beyond an object in a gallery or store. That makes me stoked. And of course I have future plans that Italian Fix will expand and serve you to the point where I can do this in a larger way. Watch it and grow with me.

Anyone who comments below within the next 2 weeks deadline June 14 (CONTEST UPDATE BELOW) will be entered in a draw and randomly selected to receive a beautiful little crystal glass bought in a Florence antique store on my first trip to Italy. It has hosted many tastes of limoncello and grappa and whatever else that floats around our liquor cupboard.


I would love to pass it on to someone who was here from the start. Thanks a million. Grazie Mille!

FULL DISCLOSURE:  The “contest” or “giveaway” is a classic ploy stolen straight from my studies about how to build readership to a new blog. Further experimentation with giving away all my cool stuff will continue.

Please answer:

How can I help you? Which topics would you like to see tackled here? What about your burning desire to experience Italy has you hung up?  What can I answer today that will take you that one step closer? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Bianca! This is wonderful! Congratulations on a great site and a great idea. If I can’t be there, I can read about it. Perfect!!

  2. Bianca you have created this just for me! And who could be more qualified? HOw much pasta and gelato does one have to eat? Did I not just drink a whole bottle of Limoncello with your husband? Do I not always wear a black bra to avoid unsightly yellow straps?
    I have so done the Amalfi coast, take me to Cinque Terre bella!

    1. Gillian- I did write it just for you!
      You must eat 3 cups of gelato al giorno. One to end each meal. The pasta depends on if it is fresh or dried. About 200 grams per person per meal. Do you know that all Italians understand how many grams they will consume. Ask one over for dinner and they will tell you, “I eat 180 grams”. What?? How do you know that. Practice they say.

      Black bra straps are also wonderful, as are black panty lines through tight white shorts.

  3. Italy 1977 – delicious memories – fresh figs and Dolcelatte in a little plaza in Venice, Spaghetti con le Vongole in Rome and Tagliatelle con Quattro Formaggi in Frascatti – (and of course the gelati in Fiesole) but Italy has food and everything and more!! – the history, the people, the wine, the grappa, leather and silks, shoes, music, art, architecture – (ummm the lemons) and the beaches and really everything is so fabulous – check out this site (my dear friend) and start practising your Italian – maybe I’ll see you in Pompeii!! Buon Viaggi xox Bianca how exciting is this!!! Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!!!! xox

    1. Alison, I’m loving your 1977 memories. I think you should write a short story for the anthology of Italian stories I’m compiling. Click on “Tell Your Story” in the menu above. They would be perfetto. Thank you for being here Alison. Your excitement is infectious in the best kind of way. Bianca

  4. It’s such a nice feeling to be a winner and I adore my Floratine (?) antique glass. Thank you! However in S’wellington we drink our Limoncella in mugs.

    1. Gillian- so glad you are the proud owner of my crystal glass. Petite crystal or mugs? Who cares. As long as you are getting your daily recommended dose of limoncello!

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