Every once in a while, I get amped about a place.

Right now, it’s a guesthouse on the southern coast of Italy, called Il Cannito.

I can imagine myself poolside sporting my straw hat and cotton dress, with one leg dropped into the water, reading my book. Then later, just because, I’d sit under the bright orange umbrella and ponder something important, like if I’m gonna have that third cappuccino.

For dinner, I would start on the homemade cavatelli pasta, then tuck into the fried calamari. As usual, I would linger to coax the spicy sauce onto my last morsel of crusty bread. (This Italian eating ritual is called, la scarpetta).

As the dessert would pass my way, I would politely decline, “No, I couldn’t possibly eat anything else”. Then, feeling the hedonism that Italy inspires, I’d change my tack and sink my choppers into a tartlet filled with garden strawberries. And then I’d probably have another one.

Il Cannito feels like a place I would bring my friends. Although just escaping with my husband and daughter for a quiet vacation of three sounds incredibly energizing too!

Il Cannito is hidden: the small rustic buildings that contain the guest rooms are completely tucked into the treed slopes of the Mediterranean landscape. Not too tucked away mind you, you still have a bangin’ view of the island of Capri. The paths that wind through the property are filled with orchids and olive trees. Take one and meander down to the private beach.

The Cilento coast barely gets a mention in most travel books. It just doesn’t have the same fame as the Amalfi coast, although it’s so close you could whip over for dinner. But maybe you wouldn’t even bother, as you relish in an under the radar slice of Italy.

To get to Il Cannito, you’ll need to rent a car in Naples, and then drive south, past Amalfi. The guesthouse is barely visible from the roads. It’s not a flashy resort, or a chain hotel; it’s the antithesis. It only has four rooms. It’s a labor of love, and a lifestyle curated by a tight knit family. And they’re on a mission to extend warmth and hospitality to whoever travels down their driveway.

It’s a place to return to year after year. Because you’re treated like family. You know you’ve found your people, when, each time they see you, they sit you down, ask how your trip was, and then immediately…feed you. The best hosts always do.

Il Cannito

Il Cannito


If Il Cannito speaks your language, then here’s the scoop:

Bed + Breakfast rates are 250 euros per night, for any room. They’re open seasonally, from March 1st to October 31st. You can email the lovely owner, Antonella Gorga at antonella@ilcannito.com.

Getting there:
Il Cannito,  is in the southern Italian province of Campania. It’s one hour from Naples. You can rent a car from the airport to drive there. Or take the three hour train from Florence to Salerno, and they’ll swing over to the train station to pick you up.

What do you think? Could you hack a few days here? If you have any questions, just ask!

With love + strawberry tartlets,


{This post in partnership with Il Cannito.}

13 Responses

    1. Hi Gorgeous Leela,

      Awesome! It’s designed for dreamers…like us.

      Have a wonderful day,

    1. Hello sweet Anna,

      We all need our excuses to travel to Italy. I’m so happy that I provided you with another one.

      With love,

  1. delicious Bianca.
    The Amalfi coast is heavan on earth and Il Cannito sounds incredible!

    1. Hey wonderful Gillian,

      So glad to hear that. Wishing you oodles of heaven in the very near future.

      Ciao ciao,

    1. Hi Rita,
      Lots of great beach towns near Genova. Try Finale Ligure, Noli, Varigotti, Sportono, or Santa Margherita and Rapallo a little further south.
      Kiiri @ Italian Fix

  2. Bianca,

    My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Italy for 12 days at the end of this month. This will be our first trip outside of the states.

    We plan on visiting Cinque Terre. Do you still recommend staying at the I Limoni di Thule?

    Thanks so much for your help. We are clueless.


    1. Hi Ken,
      Yes, i Limoni di Thule is wonderful, as are its owners, Christina and Alessandro. You can also have a look at Casa Lorenza, Allo Scalo dei Mille and Alla Marina in Riomaggiore.
      Have a great trip!
      Kiiri @ Italian Fix

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