One of the blog posts we have received the most responses to was our article a few years ago about houses for sale in Italy for just 1 euro. Talk about a dreamboard aspiration suddenly becoming an accessible reality, amiright? Well, this week we have an update for you about what came of the people who actually bought one of these uber-cheap houses. It lays out what’s really involved in the purchase, what the obstacles are, and the incredibly inspirational stories of those who said si! to this initiative and then did it one better. Once you buy your house, do email us and invite us over for an espresso, ok? Check out the link here.


I mean, if you’re going to stay in Siena, don’t you want to be right in the town’s most famous square? La Terrazza Sul Campo has rooms with terraces that look right out over Piazza del Campo — yes, the red, sloping one they run the horses around every summer! — and is owned and operated by a young woman who inherited the entire building. During the famous Palio, a room in this place can go for €5000 a night, but prices are more reasonable any other time of the year. The facilities are modern and updated, while the decor reflects its rich history. We highly recommend you check it out!


Heading to the Cinque Terre? Make sure you stop for a sunset drink at Agrivino Cantina Capellini. Located on the trail between Volastra (above Manarola) and Corniglia, this place is the area’s newest best kept secret. With views to take your breath away, you’ll sip wine in their vineyard and enjoy bites to eat while pinching yourself that this is your life and you are living it. Do not miss this experience!


This November has had a late-September feel this year in Liguria — sunny, warm, and just magical. Wishing you were here on the Italian Riviera sipping a cold glass of white wine with us in Sestri Levante beach-side. No complaints about the view over here!



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