Stairs to the Ocean? Check. Bathing suit packed? Check. One week where you’ll do nothing? Check and check.

Renting a villa for a week is a fabulous thing to do — most villa rentals in Italy during high season are by the week. The Thinking Traveller has an excellent selection of curated villas in beachy locales I love. Here’s one of them in Cefalu, Sicily (you absolutely must day trip to the Aeolian islands if you stay in this area). Seriously though, you need to go spend a minute (or ten) ogling over the images of this beautiful spot — pictured above on the left, just casually at the foot of an old Norman tower.

Image: The Thinking Traveller


Making homemade pasta is very therapeutic. And who doesn’t need cheap therapy you can eat? If you have yet to try it, remember that you don’t need fancy ingredients or equipment to make many types of pasta. If you haven’t made pasta before, the easiest thing you can make is gnocchi, and you can work your way up to pasta. Here is a traditional gnocchi recipe from a friend in Tuscany. And here is a more classic pasta recipe where you’ll need a pasta machine — but a friend will likely have one you can borrow (like a treadmill, pasta machines get bought and forgotten). To make pasta all you need is a window of a few hours, a good mood, and some music. Do it — it’s so enjoyable and it’s so satisfying to eat. The adorabile Pasta Grannies on YouTube will get you in the spirit.


Oh, how I love Sardinia — and how you will love it, too (if you love “off the beaten track” kinda places). It’s a very insider place to go — hip Europeans know where the good bits are. So, many Italians go to Sardinia — and I like knowing where the picky Italians go to holiday (hint: Sicily and Sardinia). I have several fave hotels there — Petra Segreta being one of them — have a look and see why.

PS You need a car in Sardinia so rent one plenty far in advance – especially if you’re going in 2022 ’cause all 2022 reservations will be bonkers.


Vanessa Bruno, French designer and purveyor of very pretty summer dresses that I covet hard, has just released a limited edition capsule collection called Capri Collection. I adore so many things about this — go and browse summer getaway clothes. My fave items are this and this. What are yours?

Images: Vanessa Bruno


Summer officially starts in a few days. We wish we were beating the heat on this beach in Monterosso (Cinque Terre), gelato in hand…


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