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A trip to the Italian Riviera. The Riviera of Italy is a continuation of the French Riviera and coastline. Some of the names you may have heard of along the Riviera are Portofino and the Cinque Terre. Some of the names you SHOULD hear more about are Sestri Levante and Portovenere. On our trip to the Cinque Terre, because we base ourselves out of there the whole time, we have so much opportunity to enjoy that coastline without rushing. You “come home” to the same hotel for 7 nights. I like to mix popular “dreamboard” destinations with “never heard of this place and needed a local to tell me” destinations. Scroll to see more info on the Cinque Terre trip we host. Send us an email and we’ll send you 2021 dates and rates as we cross all our toes we’ll be taking people here this summer.


If you plan to come to the Riviera, I always recommend that clients fly into Pisa. It’s less intense than Milan. If you fly into Pisa, take thy raggedy-ass jetlagged self to Bagni di Pisa — subito! This is one of my fave places I’ve ever stayed at in Italy because there is absolutely nothing to do except sleep, order room service (let’s face it, to be alone in a hotel with room service and a pile of books is a working mother’s dream), and float in their incredible indoor spa made for royalty (isn’t it great not being royalty? What a hassle being born in the 1700’s as the Grand Duke of Tuscany  I would rather just be a traveler in the 2020’s and pay for a few nights stay. Less wigs and corsets and fanfare). I also love this hotel ‘cause I think the rates are a complete steal. Old world elegance — if you know where to go (and where to avoid) you can get that for a steal in Italy! My rec: Step out of the Pisa airport, and get a taxi straight there. Stay 2 nights and let the stress of the last year (or decade) melt away at the thermal baths.


The talk of borders being open! This last year has been so soul-crushing for the whole industry — I fear for the nervous system and the PTSD of us all. Seriously guys — what we have all been through is so stressful. Just talk of European borders being open makes me so happy. I’m not just talking about for “me” and my business — I am one resilient MF and have built another company in this time. I feel like the pandemic has shaped the next-level me. The teflon-vest-Bianca. But that isn’t the case for most. Most people in tourism have lost so devastatingly to this dumb-ass pandemic. Especially if they had a brick-and-mortar like a shop, restaurant, or hotel. My sister-in-law owns a takeaway place in Liguria, and her rent still needed to be paid. I just can’t bear to see one more restaurant close — to have one more Italian friend write to me telling me they can’t pay their tax bill this year. We need things to get back going. We all have mouths to feed. Let’s get back to travel. Book a call if you want to talk about booking travel in 2021 and want advice.

Photo: Katrina Tan


Book a table for lunch (the best views are in the afternoon) at Ristorante La Terrazza in Portofino. If you join us for the Cinque Terre trip — many clients go to Portofino for their free day and a lunch here is a perfect thing to do. It’s located at the 5-star hotel Splendido  one of the most famous hotels in Italy. No need to sleep there — just soak up the beauty over lunch. We’ll make you a reservation — leave it to us if you’re a client. 


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PS Since there are rumblings of the borders opening we’re hopeful we can run some tours this season. Click here to get on my calendar to discuss 2021 bookings.


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