We can’t travel back in time, but the iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express takes us close. When you book your ticket from Rome to Paris, you’ll jump into the Golden Age of Travel. Back after a fourteen year hiatus, this 24 hour escape transports you to an unhurried, crystal-and-silver state of mind. Bunk in carefully restored 1920’s art deco cabins. This is beauty for beauty’s sake, plus fresh soft linens. Did I mention vintage upholstery, and wood that’s so polished you can almost see yourself in it? Sink into velvety cushions and watch rural Italy pass by. At stops along the way fresh local food will be brought aboard-you might even spot Chef Jean Imbert negotiating lobsters or truffle mushrooms-which will inspire your appetite. The dinner hour. Time to sparkle-there’s no such thing as overdressing for the Orient-Express. Have your cabin steward deliver chilled champagne, then slip on your evening gown or black tie attire. Yes, there’s a four course meal, three restaurants to choose from, and a pianist at the baby grand. If you look out the window, there are stars. But the one you wished on? It’s already fallen. After all, it’s the one that got you here.

 Image Credit: Belmond (operators of Orient Express)


Al Dente pasta is fresh, and firm to the tooth. History can be like that too. Delicious to bite into. Schloss Englar reflects this, with freshened wings and earthy, luxurious rooms. Operated by a count and countess, this 15th century gothic castle turned hotel has a view of the Dolomites, and is surrounded by fruit orchards and vineyards. If you’re craving a fairytale setting, this is your fix. History and modern innovation collide with an infinity pool that drowns stress,-relaxing after your mountain hike.Your packing list for Schloss Englar is simple: swim suit, hiking outfit (with boots) and the novel you’ve been waiting to read. I don’t need to be a gifted mind reader to know that this experience is something that you’ll melt into. And if you like wine? They’ve got that too. In fact, they’ve had vineyards since time immemorial. Get ready, this is gonna be fun!


Image: Schloss Englar


Truffle hunting begins in the forests of Italy. There’s a truffle hunter and a fabulously-furry truffle sniffing dog. Truffle hunting intel is carefully guarded (and passed down through the generations). The best spots to find these delectable mushrooms are top-secret. It’s no wonder, considering that they’re among the most highly valued ingredients of culinary affairs. Your trip to Italy will be completed with a culinary experience at Mangiafoco. Located in Florence, Mangiafaco showcases a beautiful array of truffle-heavy Tuscan dishes. Ladies, trust me, you want to check this out (shhh-truffles are rumored to be an ultimate aphrodisiac!) Go ahead and skip the love letter, try a wild salad with truffle flakes instead! 

P.S. If you want to learn more about truffles and the way they are harvested, check out “The Truffle Hunters” documentary: official trailer.

Image: Mangiafoco




Here’s a snap of our current guests. They’ve kicked off their Cinque Terre tour. Relaxed & happy sure looks good on them! If you’d like to watch sunsets from terraced walls with us, send us an email with “I love the golden hour”. When you travel with Italian Fix, sunsets are guaranteed.


With truffles + elegance






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