-The Weather in Italy-

Before I dive into my romantic story below, I have a question for you: do you get affected by the weather? If you said yes, you’re like most people.

We all have weather preferences: some like it hot, some like it not.

Save time researching Italy weather, right now.

For a trip to Italy, don’t bother looking up the weather for each city.

The good looking folks at Italian Fix have created this cheat sheet to help you decide when to go to Italy.

Save it for yourself and help others too: post it to Pinterest or Facebook. (Oh, and thanks!)

This info-graph is pretty handy, and I’ll tell you why, all the while wrapping it up in a deliciously romantic story for you.

Because a little romance never killed anyone.

When I first met my husband, he did something totally nuts: he bought me a (pricey-ass) plane ticket so I could visit him.

When we first met, we only spent ten days together basking in the Italian summer (here’s the full story). After that time, we got on with our lives: I flew back to Canada (my home), and he stayed in Italy (his home). We kept the summer-love-spark going by chatting on the phone. Within a few calls he had decided that I should … yes, I MUST … fly back to Italy at Christmas to see him. His very low, very soft, not-very-good-at-speaking-English-voice was incredibly convincing. As you can imagine.

I shot his idea down because I was a student (another way to say penniless), and it just seemed — nuts. And far away.

Well, he bought me a plane ticket anyways. Why I think he was super brave/cool/nuts is that a) he just met me and b) it cost him one month’s paycheck. Needless to say, I was floored, and I counted down the days until Christmas.

I was obviously in a love-fog and decided to not Google, “weather in Milan.” That was not smart. I showed up in a jean jacket. You would think a Canadian knows how to dress for cold weather, but I just imagined Italy being … warm. Woops!

From the airport in Milan, we drove to Lake Como in the fog. It was freezing, and I remember my teeth chattering while we walked to dinner. I just wanted a massive lumberjack coat. And some ski boots. But I didn’t pack any of those things.

Your weather in Italy lowdown

So, enough of the love story (but it’s fun to reminisce!). The truth is we’ve developed this handy cheat sheet cause:

Those are things to avoid.

In the end, you can’t control the weather. The only thing you can control is yourself. On that note, I love this quote:

Trade your expectation with appreciation and the world changes instantly. Tony Robbins.

Happy travels!

P.S. Share in the comments below your “woops” travel moments or any Italy when to go or weather questions.

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  1. Hi Biacca,
    My sister,12 yrs old daughter will travel with me to Italy.We will depart fm florence to Cinque Terre on 26.10.15,and stay there for
    3 days 2 night.May i know that time the wether most is a rainy day?If rainy day,still can go visit in between 5 villages by train?Bacause we like the nature,sea,and scenery there.

    Would you help me to advise,



    1. Hi Jessie,
      End of October is hit and miss in the Cinque Terre. We’ve had some of the most beautiful, sun-filled days then, and we’ve had the worst flooding in the area’s history. That being said, even if it’s a little rainy, you can definitely still take the train to see the five villages. Just bring an umbrella and a smile, and plan to people watch in cafes, tuck into cute shops to browse, and eat luxuriously long meals. There are some other rainy (and sunny!) day tips for the Cinque Terre in this post here: https://www.italianfix.com/one-day-cinque-terre/

  2. Hi Bianca!

    I love your site! Thank you for all the great information and for taking time to answer some of my questions!

    gratitude from a fellow Canadian!

    1. Yay Canadians! Glad you got your questions answered, Nathalie. Happy travels to you!

  3. Hello, how is the weather at the end of April, beggining of may? I want to swim and hike mainly! thanks!

    1. Hi Costa,
      It might be a little early for swimming in May, as the water is still pretty cold then, but hiking is usually great that time of year. It’s usually sunny but not too hot, and the trails aren’t generally as full as they can get in the summer.
      Happy travels to you!

  4. Hey Bianca!

    The link to “Best Airbnb’s in Italy” does not seem to work, it redirects me to this page.

  5. I’ll be visiting in November: Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre, Milan and Lake Como. I’m only allowed to take a carry-on. I’m fining it very challenging to pack. Any advice for what to take depending on what the weather will be like during mid-November? Love your posts!

  6. I’ll be spending a couple weeks around Italy in mid september. Is the water still pretty temperate during that time or will it be on the chilly side?

    Thanks! I love your site

    1. Ciao Deja!

      Thanks for being here! September is an EXCELLENT time to travel Italy, and still sneak in some beach time. The weather patterns have been a bit wild this spring but September is usually still very warm. Happy travels!

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