It has been a beautiful kinda crazy around Italian Fix HQ lately.

There has been so much goodness surrounding our trip to the Cinque Terre in June — it’s been a warm and fuzzy love fest and I am seriously stoked.

I want to send a huge hug-out to all the amazing people who have believed in us, loved us, wrote us, joined us, featured our trip, tweeted, pinned, shared on Facebook and connected with the spirit of what Italian Fix Travel is all about. YOU have made it amazing already (and we haven’t even left yet).

Here’s the skinny. I am not just a girl with the cool idea of showing people around Italy. That is just limited. Nope – I’m on a mission that is so much more meaningful to myself and helpful to others.

My mission is to  help you realize that life is about the people you meet and the things that you can CREATE together. Italian Fix trips are designed to be the light that shines the focus on molto importante concepts: self-love, incredible fun with positive friends, the inspiration and skills to follow your passions and the reminder that the true value of  life is a collection of experiences, not  “things”. I want to make your most valuable asset, your free time, something that enriches, inspires and nourishes you. You come home with renewed focus and goals to improve your life.  Travel is the catalyst and Italy is the backdrop for our experiences. Italy is a creative collaborator, but not the final destination.

I also have the personal goal of increasing charitable contributions by at least 10% EVERY TRIP we run to organizations that makes the world a more sane place. I am totally in love with Kiva’s mission and that is why we are contributing a percentage of profits we make on this trip to help entrepreneurs and the working poor in developing economies. If you are new to the Kiva mission then take a look at the the kind of people and projects we support through small business loans.

We have over fifty people on the waiting list for our 2013 dates. Be one of them here. For our upcoming trips in Italy we are adding some really exciting themes, events and co-hosts. I seriously can’t wait to spill the pasta of what we have up our sleeve for this time next year. All the juicy deets will be released later this summer and you will be the first to know when you sign up.

I’ve had over 4000 visitors on my site last month. That is huge for me —  it is four times higher than my highest traffic month. This blog isn’t even one year old yet.

The June 3-9 trip to the Cinque Terre that Tim and I have curated has been featured in Victoria’s always inspiring design blog Sfgirlbybay and you can check out her magic post here. I am also totally amped by the post that Trish over at Trip Styler whipped up to showcase the trip. Thanks ladies for your mad  bloggin’ skills! Huge gratitude.

Along with the amazing team in Italy that will share their love of food, wine, exercise and fun with all guests, I am ridiculously excited to announce that the HUGE talent Leela Cyd will be photographing the entire trip. I feel lucky to have this gal on our team now, as she is bound for big things and  I’ll  have a hard time booking her for future trips. There will be crazy sparks flying when her lens meets with the Cinque Terre. That is gonna be one hot date and I can’t wait to see the pretty babies they produce. And just to be really annoying and say it again, our man Filippo Mutani will also be capturing guests portraits when the sun is setting on the piazza on our last night in Italy together. Cu-ra-zee. I am not even bringing my piddly-ass point and shoot camera — why would I even need it?

A special thanks for the amazing graphic design support goes out to Doris Palmeros (who created the image you see above) and Angie Oltmann (who is a bloody whiz in photoshop). Grazie mille for delivered on a super high level at the speed of light.

Big hugs to you all for being here and watching this grow. It’s really gettin’ hot in here.

xx Bianca

{image by Doris Palmeros}

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