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by Bianca @ Italian Fix

Italy Justina Blakeney

I’ve been waiting to share some news that I’m pretty pumped about.

I’m offering a mini-trip based out of the Cinque Terre, Italy with the lovely Justina Blakeney this August.

Justina is my fave person to follow on Instagram (here), and her just released book, The New Bohemians, just made the New York Times Best Seller’s list (go girl!).

Italy trip Justina Blakeney
The craziest thing is that Justina and I’ve both lived in Italy for years. And Italy was the space and place that hugely shaped us, as young women just trying to figure it all out, into who we are today.

Truly though, I connected with Justina on other common ground. We’re both creative entrepreneurs, working mothers, artists and writers. We both get asked all the time, “hey — how did you get such a cool job?” Wanna hear the pain old truth? We just invented them.

And we have a lot to share about creating work and lifestyles that fully embody how YOU want to exist in the world – from the work you do to how you spend your days. Oh, and how to be crystal clear on what really matters. And how to get more of that. (Clarity, that is.)

So, really, the lowdown is this: it’s August 1-3, 2015. It’s going to be awesome possum. And unlike anything you’ve done before (this isn’t some off-the-rack holiday). And we want you to come.

Registration is open Wednesday May 27 (tomorrow).

To kick things off, we’re hosting a LIVE Q+A session; an online “Tea Party” if you will.

It’s FREE. Click here to register.

Bring your questions and we’ll answer them! (About anything, really. I would love to connect with you.)

At the tea party we’ll be sharing personal tips on creativity, connections, and Italy.

I hope to see you there. xx Bianca

P.S. It’s FREE to attend the Q+A session. Register here.

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