Owning your own slice of Italian property. You don’t have to be Daddy Warbucks to own a piece of Italian real estate. Actually, there are sooo many deals and opportunities that make Italian property more about patience and creativity than stacks of cash. ‘Cause, here’s the deal with Italian real estate — you know that they pass land down between generations. Most real estate hasn’t had a mortgage on it for generations. So since this thing (I can’t bring myself to use the p-word anymore) started — a lot of properties have been sitting around unused — and that’s why people are selling their extras off. I think co-buying is the new way to go as we slide into this next decade. Add yourself to this list if you’re interested in hearing more ’cause I’m still unrelenting about doing a real estate focused trip so you can find your own slice of Italian sunflowers.


Not everyone is an ocean baby. Some of us prefer d’acqua dolce. If you’re looking for the lakes, then Lake Como is a must-see. And the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the place to stay. A private lakeside beach. Three pools. Luxurious Art Nouveau décor. Step aside Wes Anderson — this is the real life Grand Budapest. Getting here? Fly into Milan and hop on the train. From Como you can take a fancy hydrofoil boat. Not keen on the train? Call the concierge and arrange a private pick up from the airport.


Who doesn’t love the casual-eat-outside-leaning-against-a-wine-barrel life that we have in Italy. On our tours, we do a mix of “high and low” — and that’s def how we roll with restaurants. Sometimes we have the white linen, and sometimes, we’re just wandering down to the market to eat an insanely amaze panino (from the master shown above) and people watch. We do this in Ortigia, Sicily. Ortigia is one of Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A maze of beautiful baroque streets, built amongst Greek ruins. It’s one of our stays on our Sicily Tour.


Painted ceramics. I can’t get enough of Italian painted ceramics. There are so many styles all throughout Italy. There’s the splash-style in Puglia. The formal patterns of Tuscany. When we’re in Sicily, there are a ton of artists you can buy from. I’m sharing someone’s work you see around Taormina, Sicily. It’s a bit different from the traditional Sicilian Maiolica ceramics that you see everywhere in Sicily (which I also love).

Image: Don Corleone Objects


Swimming. In pretty Mediterranean waters. With new friends. With time off. Alarm clocks be gone.

Image: Katrina Tan (featuring Cinque Terre tour clients).


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