We’ve gushed about Lucca before. And we’re gonna gush about it again! For those of you who might not know, Lucca is a goooorgeous little city in Tuscany, conveniently located near Pisa, Florence, and the Cinque Terre. We often have guests on our Cinque Terre tours stay here as an after-vacation vacation, which we love to help them plan. A groovy place to stay is the Hotel Ilaria Lucca — they have a great location right at the edge of the old city walls. One of our team members, Kelly, stayed in the split-level family room and it was two thumbs up. We also dig the hotel cause it’s got parking (a luxury in some historic centers).


Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. Go take a look at their menu. Go on, I’ll wait here. Now wasn’t that a “not your average trattoria” kind of menu? If you’re looking for new-world artistry meets old-world craftsmanship and you want something memorable — check this place out. Perfect for a special celebration — although I also love celebrating the everyday cause I can be a little extra. Oh, and my tip: Reserve many moons in advance — it’s a well-known Florentine address with the most Michelin stars in the city.


We have brand-spanking-new Italy trip dates! We added a couple more dates ’cause we filled the others. We won’t be adding more so if you see a date you’re interested in, send us an email.

Stay in a small pedestrian-only village on the sea, plus spend a day in Tuscany. 7 nights. (If you stay longer, we’ll give you advice on what and where, all included in your rate.)

May 22 – 29
June 19 – 26
July 3 – 10
September 1 – 8
September 11 – 18
September 22 – 29

Visit Palermo and a string of small islands and cute towns. Travel with a private driver. 8 nights. (If you stay longer, we’ll give you advice on what and where, all included in your rate.)

May 10 – 18
June 2 – 10
September 2 – 10
September 11-19


When in Florence, walk up to San Miniato al Monte. It’s above Piazza Michelangelo so even better views of the city are yours. Plus, it’s away from people. Sometimes you need that when you’re in Florence.



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