It’s a wrap.

I’ve just hugged my new friends goodbye and everyone has returned home to their life, sort of.

One gal from the trip wrote when she got home:

I have no desire to go back to work tomorrow. Or do anything in the normal routine. The thing about a life changing trip is that it changes your life.                       Rashmi Pappu

The most satisfying thing for me is seeing friendships forged between complete strangers.

I mean, if you think about it, in this world we just all want to be loved. Connected. Supported. Cheered on.

But the reality is that usually we’re too busy (or uninspired) working, cooking, cleaning, driving, paying bills and getting on with life that our cheering squad sort of fades into the background.

Save for the odd birthday, when do you get to celebrate yourself? Your place in the world? All that you work for and dream for? When do you make the time to reflect on your accomplishments and maybe even let go of your losses?

Yes, I run photo workshops and other group trips to Italy for women.

But what I really do is carve out a magical week in your life that is all about…you.

What I really do is set the stage for you to make new friends, laugh more, travel more, and experience more beauty than you have all year. You also get to learn from inspiring leaders and talents – cause picking up photo tips or new recipes will never let a girl down.

Of course we do this in Italy: a place that delivers inspiration around every corner. Wine tastings, late night dancing in the piazza and sitting on the bridge licking a gelato never hurt a soul either.

From the love, the thank yous, the tears and cheers – I know I offer more than just a trip to Italy. I offer a feeling that delivers goodness from the inside out. It’s an attitude adjustment – with the same carpe diem spirit of a tequila shot.

In essence, having the sweet time to reflect on who you are and how you want to live pays dividends all year long. And making the investment isn’t easy (like plane tickets have went up dude!), but with no investment you have no returns. It’s pretty simple math.

Yeah – I think you can do this without spending a dime, in the quietness of your own life. But something about getting on a plane heading to Italy and surrounding yourself with strangers who become friends is the most powerful catalyst I know for kicking your life up a notch.

My co-host Leela Cyd has a gorgeous photo spread on her blog on this post and this post and this post.




Thank you to my wonderful co-host and photography maestra Leela Cyd and all my Florence babes for letting me share this time with you. I’ll never forget a single day we spent together.




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{photos by Leela Cyd and Rashmi Pappu}

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    1. Hey Miss Rashmi!

      Doing these trips are such a joy for me as I get to meet wonderful babes like YOU!

      Big hugs, Bianca

    1. Hi Leela,

      It was so fun hanging with you in Florence. Your sparkle is captivating. Big hugs, B

  1. Just found your website. Starting a photography business and was so excited to find you this week…then DARN I realized I barely missed it! I signed up and I have my suitcases packed and am ready as soon as I get the email with the new Italy workshop dates… 🙂

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