Jeff Curto is one of those people who never misses a great opportunity for a photograph. He has been showing people how to do the same through his photography classes in Italy. In the last couple months he has taught in Rome, Umbria,  and Tuscany. Not a bad gig.

Capturing the architectural landscape of Italy with his lens has been his passion for over 20 years.  Jeff shared these photos from his collection titled Evidence of Hands on Stone. What captured my interest with this particular portfolio is the timelessness. They could have been taken 50 years ago or yesterday. There is nothing in the scene that denotes a particular time frame. In Italy and in life I take a million photos that I think will be great, but they’re not.  Also, with the proliferation of groovy apps it makes taking phone photos a snap, but it’s very difficult to get a photo not illustrative of the year you took it and the media which captured it. They will all look dated in 5 years.

I think Jeff’s photos have a sense of being exactly what we hold in our minds eye of  Italy, and I like that.

All photos taken by Jeff Curto. The full portfolio is here.

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    1. Hi Alison,
      So glad they speak to you. I love Jeff’s work. Thanks for being here.

    1. I completely agree. He has set a new standard for me when I photograph. Concentrate on stillness, contrasts and elegance.

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