The days have been swelteringly hot recently, at least where we live. So of course we’re dreaming of diving into the cool Mediterranean where the sweat can’t get us. And yes, diving off a yacht would be nice, but if you want to get really Italian Riviera about it, you’ll be diving off a traditional “gozzo” boat instead. Their wide sundecks are where all the hottest selfies are taken, and if you book with the right company, like Gianni’s Boat on the Amalfi Coast, you can request comfy pillows and even a massage while you’re out to sea. Or get decked out in your best 007 eveningwear and jet down the Amalfi Coast to dinner in this iconic beauty.

Image: Capri 360


Not so far away from the Amalfi coast, you can find Villa Il Sogno, on the island of Capri. Why yes, that is Mount Vesuvius you see from the majolica tiled terrace. You can spend all day staring at it, after you enjoy breakfast in your private garden, of course. And only while you’re not staring at the villa itself, designed as it was by Capri’s most famous architect, Giovanni Battista Ceas (and it has been meticulously restored, while still retaining its original 1950s vibe). Il Sogno means The Dream, and no wonder — despite being minutes from the center of Anacapri, staying here feels like living on your own private dreamcloud.


It’s been a minute since we raved about Rome. But that doesn’t mean we don’t dream (often!) about enjoying a night out in Italy’s cool capital. If you want to do a Roman aperitivo right, head to Trastevere, then head straight for Freni e Frizioni. Freni means brakes and frizioni means clutches, because the bar is housed in what used to be an old mechanic’s shop. Join the scruffy chic kids of Rome by sipping your drink sitting on the walls in the piazza — not at a table, geez lame-o! (Just kidding, the tables are cool too, with fresh flowers in tin cans and mismatched chandeliers overhead.) Skip dinner and tuck into the buffet of nibbles (we’re talking pasta, couscous, salads, mini pizzas, cheese), which is essentially all-you-can-eat (and free with your drink!).

Image: Freni e Frizioni


The city of Prato has got an incredible initiative going on — Prato Urban Jungle. It’s the first project of its kind in the world, and is based on the principle that urban areas and nature shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Instead of relegating plants to circumscribed areas like parks, Prato Urban Jungle imagines a cityscape where they are everywhere — covering all kinds of surfaces, like walls and roofs, indoors and outdoors. “Wherever a plant could be put in a city, it should be put,” is what they say. The plan is to use biology-inspired approaches to design and construction to make this a reality. Check out this short documentary on what Prato, Turin and Milan are all doing to make urban jungles and forests a reality.


We were here, on our last Sicily tour (it feels like so long ago ?). And we will be again next year. We’re releasing our 2022 season dates next week, so watch this space!

Image: Danielle Rubi


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