‘Tis that season again! 

And of course for many of us, that means a whole lot of giving. Which of course we love.

BUT scrambling for something — ANYTHING — to fill in the blanks on your holiday gift list can zap the spirit right out of you. It just feels so much better when you know you’ve really NAILED a present for someone, doesn’t it?

Well, think of this. How many people do you know who LOVE travel? How many people name travel as one of the top things they want to do more of? Makes buying travel-related gifts and experiences for at least a few people on your list kind of a sure thing, amiright?

You’re either getting them something you know they can make use of, or something that will inspire them to take action on what they dream of doing *someday.*

Since beautiful travel experiences is pretty much our middle name, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, or for the person you know wants to travel more in their lives, check out our suggestions for holiday presents that will beautify, dreamify or simplify their next trip.

Has anyone on your list been dropping these kinds of hints?

“I think I need a new carry-on…”

They’ll probably love anything from Monos or Away. These companies make gorgeous stuff for sleek travelers who want something well made and pretty.

Founders of both brands are obsessed with durability, sustainability and were themselves tired of schlepping their aunt’s random suitcase around or paying sky-high prices for decent luggage.

Their carry-on suitcases are the perfect prezzie for: 

They’ll cost you: 

Get them here:

Presents for travelers like new Carry on luggage

Presents for travellers like Cinque Terre Day Tours

“My skin gets suuuper dry on flights!”

I personally swear by The Necessity Kit by F. Miller when I travel. Dang, they are LUSH. I actually love *anything* travel-sized for regular life, too –– especially when it’s new to me.

This skincare kit is the perfect prezzie for:

It’ll cost you:

Get it here.

Presents for Travellers like Florence Tours

“I get sooo bored of watching movies on the plane.”

Same. Who wants to keep watching brand new movies on a screen the size of an index card, shoved right in your face because the person in front of you reclines all the way back?

I say we have *enough* screen time in our day-to-day lives. Gimme all the hardbound novels and magazines. I really dig paper subscriptions –– and the one from Condé Nast Traveler is my favorite and super affordable. ($10 for a year? Si!)

The Condé Nast Traveler Subscription is the perfect prezzie for:

It’ll cost you:

Get it here.

Shopping for Presents for Travelers

Presents for Travelers like Florence Day Tours

“I’m going to Italy soon –– any recos for what to do there?”

Well, besides reading our blog, if you know anyone who happens to be traveling to Florence or the Cinque Terre soon, our Day Tours are the perfect way to introduce some under-the-radar experiences with our expert local guides, Italian Fix style.

Know someone who would dig secret wine tastings and hikes in Cinque Terre? Or visits to Gucci’s perfumist in Florence? And skipping the line for everything, no matter where they go? This is the best gift for that person. Just in time for the season, you can purchase a gift certificate for our Day Tours, for your loved ones to use whenever they’re in Italy.

Italian Fix Day Tours are the perfect prezzie for:

It’ll cost you:

Get it here.


Want more insider intel on traveling well? Check out these blog posts:

What are YOUR fave gifts for travelers? We wanna hear. Pop them in the comments below!

Presents for Travelers like Cinque Terre Tours

Presents for Travelers like travelling with Italian Fix

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