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The most photographed beach in Italy? It’s where Clark Gable and Sophia Loren got sandy. La Fontelina on Capri has been entertaining guests for decades. And they’ve persisted, despite big storms with big waves. But with a spot this good? It gets rebuilt over and over. Because a day spent at La Fontelina is worth its weight in sapphires (which is the color of the rare lizard who hangs out on the outermost stack). This sand-and-umbrella oasis dates back to the 1940s and is still only accessible by foot or by sea. Arrive via boat (private rentals or boat shuttle) or you can ramble down through myrtles and broom. They say it’s for princes and gypsies … but I’ll wager that every lucky bather feels like royalty here at the Faraglioni sea stacks.

Image: La Fontelina


Fairytale dinners are the ones we remember for years after we enjoy them. At La Lampara,  reserve an outside table on the deck. It overlooks one of Italy’s prettiest harbors on the island of Procida. The restaurant is connected to Hotel Corricella and features fish dishes that are so fresh they’re practically swimming. You’ll have a stunning view of Castello Aragonese (which is the sort of vista that fantasies are made of) … I can’t promise you a knight in gleaming armor, but we can definitely shoot for a meal that’s happily ever after (especially if you save room for dessert — lemon tiramisu — yum)!

Image: La Lampara


The sun is peeking into your room, and while it’s tempting to stay in your comfy nest a while longer… you hop out from under the covers to see the morning view. And oh yes, it’s worth it! There’s glittering water, bright Mediterranean light, and palm trees. This is how you start your day at San Montano Resort and Spa Ischia. You consider breakfast, but instead slip into your new polka-dotted bathing suit, grab your sunhat, and flip-flop your way to the thermal pools. Now for the hard part… should you soak in this pool, or that one, or that one?… With so many to choose from, and all the panoramic views, it’s tricky. But nothing’s stopping you from trying them all (after all, this is Ischia, and soaking is a thing). Maybe break up the day with a mud scrub, a barefoot stroll through the lemon grove, or a visit to the natural-grotto-sauna. If you decide to explore a little further, a shuttle will whisk you to the beach or into town … And when the evening comes, the fiery pink sky will reflect the joy that’s lighting up your heart. Spa hotels are just soooo nice! And so are spa parks. Ahhh…what? Here’s another fun part… If you don’t stay at a spa hotel, Negombo is a wonderful alternative, especially if you like the idea of hydrotherapy in a botanical garden. Mmm, remember that cute swimsuit? Better pack two.

Image: San Montano Resort and Spa



In the Italian Cultural Capital of 2022! There’s something undeniably cozy about Procida. You might wonder why the homes in the harbor are so bright — historically it was a way for the fisherman to spot their way back from sea. They’re beacons calling home the catch, and the weathered fishers who haul it in. This snugly radiant waterfront is also a draw for anyone who longs to spend whimsical days on a colorful island… Perhaps it’s the energy of the ancient medieval castle perched 90 meters above the sea, or the rhythm of the waves … but there’s something about this sun-washed haven where time seems to slow down. When you hop onto the ferry from Naples to Procida, I dare you to leave your watch behind!  I’ve been hinting that we have new itineraries we’re revealing soon.  More details coming at the end of this month.


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