You might have stumbled upon this restaurant on Pinterest or Instagram, because it’s that striking. This is one of our favorite once-in-a-lifetime restaurants in all of Italy — the Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare, where you literally dine in a cave jutting out over the sea. A four-course dinner here (excluding wine) will set you back around 200 euros a person, but the seared scallops, truffle-stuffed pasta, pork cheeks, and lobster-laden menu coupled with the venue itself makes that money well spent.


You’re already having dinner there, why not spend the night just as luxuriously? Hotel Grotta Palazzese’s five-star accommodations are a modern oasis carved into the crags of those cliffs. Their 18 rooms boast spectacular views of the sea with all the fixins — hot tub on the terrace, marble floors, top-of-the-line linens, and multiple-jet showers, to name but a few highlights. You also get access to the hotel’s private beach. Listen to the waves crash up upon the rocks below you, and know you are staying in paradise.


In Italy at the moment? Check out Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibition in Milan, running until February 20th. This self-taught Italian artist has been labeled a prankster in the world of art — his approach to his hyperrealistic sculptures and installations is often satirical. You may have heard of one of his best-known pieces — Comedian — a fresh banana duct taped to a wall at Art Basel Miami. Who couldn’t use a good laugh after what we’ve collectively been through the last couple of years, right?


We wish we were on tour already! Just a few months to go, and while we’ve had a bit of a booking flurry the last couple of weeks for our earlier tours (May and June), we do have a few spots left on some of them. Simply meeting new people in PERSON again, laughing over tables-full of Italian food, diving into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, will feel so fresh and new in 2022, and will be oh so satisfying after all this time. Take a look at what our past guests have to say, and you’ll get a feel for what we’re all about. Let us take care of you in 2022!


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With love + truffle-stuffed pasta






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