Restaurants in Venice are a tricky beast to wrangle: if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you are very likely to walk straight into a tourist trap (AKA those restaurants with photos of the food on their menus outside… *shudder*), shell out more Euros than you need to, and wander around canals, lost and hungry…

That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting (ahem – stuffing our faces in Venice) for you.

It’s hard work, but we’re not complaining 😉

Our team is obsessed with exploring the vibe of a particular place, and feeling out how it’s different from all the other places in Italy we travel to – food being no exception.

With Venice in particular, we love that their food culture is rooted in its history of being a bustling center of commerce for, like, ever. With ships arriving from Asia or headed for faraway places over centuries, Venetians have been incorporating spices and flavors from all over the world into their own traditional food for a long time: think ginger, nutmeg, licorice and even curry!

With so many flavors and options though, choosing where to eat in this city is extremely daunting – and can give you sticker shock.

Before we share the dining spots you must add to your list, a few notes on restaurants in Venice…

Now, our team has been on the ground in Venice to soak up all the cichetti (delicious Venetian snacks) we can digest, so we can make sure your culinary adventures in Venice are nothing short of stupefacente.

The list below should be your go-to reference when picking a restaurant in Venice – and we promise that you won’t be disappointed (or short of more Euros than you need to be):

The 5 Best Restaurants in Venice: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor may not be the belle of the ball that is internet reviews, however, it does stand as one of the largest sources of travel-related opinions on the internet. You may get some biased reviews here and there, but most travelers will flock to the platform to share their experiences when they’re abroad, and they keep it real.

Here are the top picks for restaurants in Venice from the TripAdvisor audience. I left gelaterias, bakeries and pizzerias off this list.

1. Dal Moro’s – Fresh Pasta To Go

This spot has over 11,000 reviews and made it to the top spot on TripAdvisor largely due to their super-simple concept: fresh, cheap pasta to go for when you’re short on time but still want something Italian that isn’t a panino. This crowd also seems to adore the owners and staff, who serve cute €7 pasta cartons with a smile and a side of hospitality.

Address: Calle de la Casseleria 5324 | Hours: Mon-Sun, 12.00pm – 8.30pm | Spend: €6-13

2. Bacaro 22 Vintido (no website)

This is the kind of spot most people end up stumbling upon – and being surprisingly delighted by. Whether you’re lured in by the sounds of live opera in the evening, or laughing locals who all know the owner, most TripAdvisor peeps proclaim their experience here as nothing short of unforgettable.

Address: Calle della Dona Onesta, Dorsoduro 3928/29 | Hours: Mon-Thurs, 6.00pm – 8.00pm; Fri-Sun: 12.00pm-11.00pm | Spend: €10-30

3. Ristorante Alle Corone

If you need a reason to dress up and dine at a more upscale spot, this is it. Reviewers rave about their seafood tasting menu, great wine and canal-side location for a post-dinner stroll to walk off all that ricotta-filled ravioli.

Address: Campo della Fava 5527 | Hours: | Phone: +39 041 523 22 22 | Spend: €19-85

4. Basego

A crowd-sourced favorite bacari (Venetian tavern) for all kind of cichetti – think volumes of salami, salmon with mustard and caprese. Stop in for an aperol spritz and all the cichetti your heart desires at lunchtime, because this spot is easy on your wallet too.

Address: San Polo 2863 | Hours: | Phone: +39 041 850 0299 | Spend: €8-49

5. Cantina Arnaldi

One reviewer describes this bacari as the “perfect mix of love, food and service” – perfetto. A great choice if you’re looking to spend the evening drinking wine paired with generous charcuterie boards – with the owners giving you a colorful history behind each wine.

Address: Santa Croce 35 | Hours: Mon-Sun, 11.00am – 2.00am; closed Wed | Phone: +39 041 718989 | Spend: €15-70

The 5 Best Restaurants in Venice: Michelin Guides

I’ll take a wild guess and assume that dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant is something that’s been at the top of your wishlist for a long time, if you haven’t done it already – and for good reason.

The Michelin guides are the oldest and most famous food and hotel guides in Europe – it’s basically like the Oscars of the culinary world. With each new edition, restaurant owners pray to all their gods to be included – and foodies everywhere settle in with some popcorn, to watch for the newcomers, the losers who got knocked off the list, and those who held on stubbornly to their stars.

The Michelin star rating is between 1 and 3. Getting 3 Michelin stars is almost impossible: only 9 restaurants were given that designation in all of Italy in the latest edition. Worldwide — there are around 130 that hold 3 star prestige. There’s no bigger bragging right than a Michelin star – and if you’re lucky to dine at any of these restaurants while you’re in Venice (which mostly have 1 Michelin Star), you’ll have some bragging rights of your own, too (albeit, a lil’ less €€ in your pocket. #worthit).

1. Antica Osteria Cera

This is the only restaurant in Venice with 2 Michelin stars, and it’s probably because you’ll eat the best seafood you’ve ever had here. Dessert is something to look forward, too – their pastry chef was voted Italy’s best in 2016. It’s well off the beaten track (practically in the middle of a farm), but you won’t complain about the detour once you arrive.

Address: Via Marghera 24 | Hours: Call to confirm | Phone: +390415185009 | Spend: €45-165 for lunch, €84-133 for dinner

2. Quadri

Located in the heart of the famed Piazza San Marco on the second floor, you can expect creative twists on produce from the Venetian lagoon here. From white truffle soup to saffron broccoli, you never quite know what their team will put together for their seasonal menus. Pro tip: request a window seat, for prime people-watching views over the piazza.

Address: Piazza San Marco 121 (Primo Piano) | Hours: Call to confirm | Phone: +390415222105 | Spend: €120-225

3. Il Ridotto

With just 9 tables available each day, Il Ridotto gives off the perfect high-quality, yet low-pressure vibe – it’s small, intimate and minimalist. They know how to have fun with Italian classics – think spaghetti with broth, creme bruleé and mussels – you get the picture. If you’re the adventurous type and up for modern takes on classic Italian food, Il Ridotto won’t disappoint.

Address: Castello 4509 | Hours: Mon-Sun, 12.00pm-1.45pm; 6.45pm-9.45pm – closed all day Wed and Thurs lunch | Phone: +390415222105 | Spend: €30 for lunch, €76-132 for dinner

4. Met

This spot received top marks for their outstanding wine list, natural flavors (they try to preserve flavor in raw ingredients as much as possible), slow cooking methods and gorgeous view of the lagoon. Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: Rive Degli Schiavoni 4149 | Hours: Tues-Sun, 7.00pm-10.30pm; Sat-Sun, 12:30pm-2.30pm – closed all day on Monday | Phone: +390415240034 | Spend: €98-205

5. Oro Restaurant

Housed in the Cipriani Hotel in Venice, you can expect everything to be top-notch here – from gold ceilings to new bouquets of flavors in their seafood and produce, it’s no wonder most visitors wholeheartedly agree that they’ll likely receive an additional Michelin Star in no time.

Address: Isola della Giudecca 10 | Hours: Call to confirm | Phone: +39041240801 | Spend: €118-202

The 5 Best Restaurants in Venice: Locals Pick

1. Ristorante Local

A fresh newcomer on the Venice restaurant scene that prepares innovative takes on traditional dishes. Bright and modern, it’s a refreshing alternative to the regular Venetian fare. In the Castello sestiere and open for lunch and dinner.

Address: Salizzada dei Greci, Castello 3303 | Hours: Call to confirm | Phone: +39 041 241 1128 | Spend: €25-95

2. Le Bistrot De Venise

Traditional Venetian dishes with a modern twist; they specialize in fish and seafood. Couples can organize a romantic dinner at a special table — three courses and a red rose costs 90 euro per person.

Address: Calle dei Fabbri, 4685 | Hours: Mon-Sun, 12.00pm-3.00pm; 7.00pm-12.00am| Phone: +39 041 2411128 | Spend: €28-110

3. Venissa

This is a Michelin-starred restaurant immersed in the greenery of Mazzorbo island, nestled between gardens and vineyards (magical, right?). The experience here is unique, but it does require an investment of time getting to Mazzorbo by vaporetto — this isn’t a place where you can have a quick bite on the fly.

Address: Fondamenta S. Caterina, 3 | Hours: 12.00pm-2.30pm, 7.00pm-12.30pm | Phone: +39 041 52 72 281 | Spend: €45-175

4. Trattoria Antiche Carampane

They aren’t open Sundays and Mondays because this restaurant specializes in seafood, and so they close when the fishermen take their day off. All of the dishes are seafood-based here. It’s a restaurant frequented by Venetians and by tourists who don’t want to feel like tourists. A favorite of Audrey Tautou’s (star of the film Amelie).

Address: San Polo 1911 | Hours: Tues-Sat | Phone: +39 041 52 40 165 | Spend: €23-75

5. Pizzeria Novecento

Part pizzeria, part jazz club — Venetians tend to agree that the pizza here is good. Try to get a table inside so that you can enjoy the music!

Address: Campiello del Sansoni, 900 | Hours: Mon-Sun, 11.00am-11.00pm | Phone: +353 21 455 9185 | Spend: €9-11

The 5 Best Restaurants in Venice: Il Mangiarozzo

If you like down home vibes, without mortgaging your house to pay the bill, you’ll love this list. It’s taken from a food guide I love, called Il Mangiarozzo. The guide is written in Italian, for Italians. I’m giving you the lowdown of their Venice recs and adding what you’ll need to know as a traveler.

This list focuses on restaurants that cost 45 euros or less for a multi-course meal (not including wine) per person. It features only typical Italian trattoria and osterie, usually family run and historically significant to a region.

You won’t find any fusion or any hip in the below selections — just regionally specific Italian food. Initially a book, now you can buy the iOS app for $2.99.

Here is a sampling of 5 places (in no particular order), from the latest edition.

1. Trattoria Dalla Marisa (no website)

In the Cannaregio neighborhood (where the Santa Lucia train station is located) and a bit of a trek to arrive. Note the sign on the street says Trattoria da’a Marisa. Be prepared to pay cash and negotiate a table once arrived. Going for lunch? Order the menu di lavoro, like a Venetian on their lunch break.

Address: Cannaregio 652 | Hours: Closed for dinner on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and all of August. | Phone: 041 720211| Spend: €30-35

2. Osteria Da Rioba

Another place in the Cannaregio neighborhood. Canalside restaurant and outdoor seating. The presentation looks fancier than many old-school osterie. Good value.

Address: Fondamenta Misericordia, Cannaregio 2553 | Hours: Closed Mondays | Phone: 041 524 4379 | Spend: €45-50

3. Osteria Al Mascaron

Since 1980, located in Calle Longa in the area of old palaces. Serves a seasonally rotating menu in a dining area with local and international art decorating the walls.

Address: Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa | Hours: Closed Sundays | Phone: 041 5225995 | Spend: €35-45

4. Osteria Leon Bianco

Steps from Piazza San Marco, yet great value for being smack dab in the middle of Venice. The place ran by three brothers, and the style is “l’antica atmosfera Veneziana” — now that’s something that doesn’t need a translation for.

Address: Calle de S. Luca, 4153 | Hours: Open all days of the week. | Phone: 0415221180 | Spend: €30-45

5. Osteria Da Mariano

If you’re staying in Mestre (outer Venice) this is a place where you can have the most traditional dishes of the city like bigoli in salsa, baccala and sarde in saor. Open since 1963.

Address: Via Cecchini 1 (on the corner of Via Spalti 49) | Hours: Closed Saturday and Sunday | Phone:041615765 | Spend: €35-45

So, there you have it: 20 ideas for restaurants in Venice to try.

Print this out, bookmark it or share it with your travel buddy — you’ll need it.

Note: all phone numbers must affix +39 if dialing from outside Italy. Of course, all the prices are approximate, and they don’t include your choice of vino (wishful thinking, though).

Now, get excited to devour all the vino, charcuterie and cichetti that your arteries can handle.


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Looking for more info about Venice? Check out some of our other blog posts, or our dedicated city guides:

Want to tell me which one you’ll be adding to the must-eat list for your trip? Got some secret recommendations of your own for restaurants in Venice?

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