If you haven’t seen the news this week, Venice has been hit by severe flooding. 

It’s heartbreaking to see the toll it’s taken on the city, and the way it’s impacting the thousands of small businesses that live and thrive there.

Venetians are no strangers to this. They’re tough biscottis –– we’ve seen them pull through floods in the past, and we have no doubt they’ll pull through again.

We see this cycle happening over and over again: flooding hits Venice, tourists leave, Venice recovers and small businesses are left in the lurch.

Venice is really just one of the most magical places on earth, where you can cruise through the canals and swap cars for gondolas. And for that reason, it depends on sustainable tourism in order to thrive.

This is a call to not ditch Venice in 2020, and a love letter for the little things we love about her.

Even if the idea of visiting a watery city gone extra-watery seems wacky right now, we’re determined to continue supporting Venice, its businesses and residents in our 2020 season.

Whether you’re planning to go already or debating whether a visit to really makes sense, read through our love list first.

We Love: Venetian Foodie Rituals

Venetian food sets itself apart because of its history: we are obsessed with the fact that their food culture is rooted in its history of being a bustling center of commerce for, like, ever. With ships arriving from Asia or headed for faraway places over centuries, Venetians have been incorporating spices and flavors from all over the world into their own traditional food for a long time: think ginger, nutmeg, licorice and even curry!

If you want to eat like a local, these are Venetian traditions we love:

venice flooding restaurant

venice flooding sitting on a bridge

We Love: The Stuff That’s So Venice.

There are some things you should skip in Venice, and others that we love to love –– no matter how corny they might seem.

They make Venice Venice. It’s the essence of this place and you gotta indulge in these experiences.

These are some of our non-negotiable, very Venice-y things we hope to enjoy forever:

venice flooding details

venice flooding st. marks

venice flooding rialto bridge

We Love: Supporting Local.

We love it hard. Not only because they offer the under-the-radar experiences we adore in Venice, but because they are masters of their craft and stubbornly insist on making it their life’s work to practice it every single day.

These ones constantly and literally blow us away:

venice flooding ancient bookstores

venice flooding Venetian opera

venice flooding local markets

Venice is flooding now, but don’t be deterred — Venice always bounces back.

Looking for more Venice resources? Check these out:

venice flooding st. marks sunset

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