A few summers ago I sailed for a week in the Mediterranean with my girlfriends. We hired a sailboat, a captain, and bought enough groceries for 3 weeks at sea. We hopped between Sardinian waters in Italy and Corsican waters in France. We ate French food one night, Italian food the other. It was amaaaaaaaazing. Waking up in the morning surrounded by blue water and nature, jumping off the back of the boat, swimming for a bit, making coffee while wrapped in a towel in the galley, slicing watermelon and eating it off the back of the real swimming platform, feet dangling in the water.

For Sardinia sailing, I recommend Boomerang Charters as they have a beautiful selection of boats. They depart from the north end of the island, which gives you access to Corsica as well as all the small Italian and French islands in between.


Ok, let’s stay in a Sardinian frame of mind. There are so many daaaang beautiful hotels that I’m going to share with you through these pixels, but today I’m going to get you to feast your eyes on this bad boy: Su Gologone. It’s like nowhere I’ve been before, because it’s this magical artistic journey,  a non-cheesy resort, a totally slow-living, totally earthy badass vibe. After I jumped off the sailboat I headed here — the perfect combo of water and earth.


Remember last week, when I introduced (or re-introduced) you to the wonderful ancient pharmacy/perfumery/museum Santa Maria Novella? Well, we’re STILL loving that right now — and honestly, we’ll probably still be loving it another 20-50 years from now. Their products are top quality, and their this-can’t-have-been-bottled-cause-it-smells-like-the-real-thing scents will transport you all the way to an Italian lemon grove. Or olive grove. Or nonna’s drawers. And get this: we want to gift you some of their amazing products! Scroll to the bottom of this email to see how you can enjoy these luxurious items.

(Photo: Leela Cyd)


Anywhere with friends. Anywhere but our own kitchen table. We’re all tired. The last 12 months have been exhausting. Someone wrote me a snarky email this weekend telling me she has been “more than patient” and she’d like for me to promise some sort of dates relating to when we’ll be operational. I’m thinking, there are 7.9 billion people in the world. We’ve all been “more than patient”. We’re all tired. We’re eating-frozen-french-fries-on-the-couch-in-holey-jogging-pants kinda tired. We’re worn out. The best strategy to pull through right now is to focus on the future. Dream, plan, scheme, and call your friends. I’m actually mentally doing well right now, and I believe that’s because I plan for the future. I meditate. I build. I create. I visualize. I plan. I work my titties off. I just registered another company. I’m working with 15 people in the next 90 days to build their future. More here.

(Photo: Nessun Dorma)


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