I love the things you can count on. You know, like the restorative power of sleep, the contagiousness of laughter, and lighthouses that bring brightness to the night. This kind of reliability is a lifesaver. So why not combine all of those things and stay at a hotel that’s been providing 160 years of dependable illumination? Located on the rugged headland of Sardinia’s southernmost point is Italy’s only lighthouse hotel. Capo-Spartivento Lighthouse is 1 part history, 1 part luxury, and 1 part wild. With 2 outdoor pools, an underground cinema, and close proximity to archaeological sites (as well as pristine beaches), this hotel is – quite literally – a beacon for travelers who enjoy exploring remote coastlines. And at this atypical inn, you’ll sojourn in style.

Image: Capo-Spartivento


Let me introduce you to the Ritual Club. What started in 1968 (as a cave with a boulder roof) evolved into an eclectic castle turned scenography for disco and dinner. This coming Saturday will mark its 52nd anniversary. Wildly unusual and organically inspired, Le Terrazze and Ritual Club is a timeless temple complete with spires, dens, curvy stairwells, ambient lighting, and a natural amphitheater. Arrive late to dance the night away, or for sunset dining at one of the most unique spots on this amazing island.  

Image: Ritual Club


My fave gifts are useful and beautiful, which make olive oils, honey, and Sardinian beauty products (found in health food stores and local vendors) the perfect gifts. In Sardinia, look for honey from Arzachena, any beauty product with the elicriso (Helichrysum in English), and of course… Cannonau wine. Bring a suitcase you can expand so you can haul home all your artisanal and unique finds. 

Image: La Contea Di Rena



Yes, there are a group of villages in Sardinia that are a designated Blue Zone (one of the 5 regions in the world that have the highest concentration of people who are over 100 years old). But the beaches of Sardinia are where I feel my best. This is why I have 10001 pictures of beaches (one from my last Sardinia trip is above).


With love + honey



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