scooter rental rome

A scooter rental in Rome is a thrilling idea.

It’s also a thrilling way to: a) lower your life expectancy and b) learn the most Italian swear words in under a minute.

But hey, when in Rome…right?


To help you get around Rome here are seven solutions (pictures above).

1. An electric bicycle for easy riding. Rent here. (TopBike Rental & Tours)

2. A vintage Fiat 500, cause it’s so darn fun. Rent here.

3. This lovely bike for two. Rent here. (TopBike Rental & Tours)

4. A Piaggo 125cc scooter. Rent here.

5. A vintage Ape Calessino, the most unique ride of the bunch. Rent here.

6. A foldable city bike. Rent here. (TopBike Rental & Tours)

7. A vintage Vespa for your Audrey Hepburn moment. Rent here.


But wait, there’s more! Print out this Rome cycling map too.

Hey sweetie, have you ever rented a bike or scooter on your travels? If you were in Rome today, what would you be doing? Leave a comment and let us know!

With love, Bianca

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  1. Thanks for the reminders. I’m hoping I can partake of your next adventure in Italy. It’s been many years since I’ve been there and I’d love to go back.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for your interest in joining one of my group tours to Italy. We have a blast — and it’s definitely the easiest way to get back to Italy. Leave the planning to me!

  2. Hii I ll be in Rome on on thif Friday morning with my hubby . My ankle is fractured ..so need to rent a scooter pls help …..so can enjoy this beautifull city

    1. Hey Preety,

      That’s some bad luck! I would say a scooter is a really good idea and I would try a “scooter tour” so you can leave the driving to someone else. In my list above you’ll find the link in #7 best for you.

      Good luck! Bianca

  3. I really love to travel. I think I would rent a electric bike cause it’s slow enough for me to have a nice sight seeing without polluting environment around.

  4. When in Rome you can rent or join a tour with a very professional travel agency.

    Roma Rent Bike is located in the center of Rome and it is specialized in vespa or bike tour.

    From this rental you can hire a vespa from 50 € for day, the cheapest price in Rome.

    To have more informations visit http://www.romarentbike.com

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