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Cruising on a boat through the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily, is beyond dreamy. Clear water, steep cliffs, and secluded beaches of black volcanic sand create a perfect backdrop for radical self-care. When you step off the dock and onto a swaying boat, it’s a move towards being in flow. Right away your shoulders start to relax. Pretty soon the wind is blowing your hair back (and all your stress away). Drift past the sea arches and picturesque coves, and drop anchor for a dip into the sea. The minerals in the saltwater are good for skin, the sunshine is good for internal systems, and the Aeolian Islands are good for your heart (as in, you’re gonna love this place!). As for your sweet tooth? Not to worry, once we’re sun-drenched we’ll go grab an icy cold granita. This is what we do on our Sicily Tour – and sometimes we even see porpoises along the way. Are you ready for this? We’d love to create some epic memories and meet you in Sicily…our 2023 schedule is out soon.


It’s not sorbet, it’s not gelato, it’s granita! If you know — you know! Granita is an icy cold treat that comes in all kinds of flavors. Cold, coarse, fluffy, and super refreshing, granita is often served with a brioche in Sicily. Have it for breakfast, it’s the traditional way! Granita has a 4000-year legacy – once upon a time it was made out of snow from Mt. Etna – and then mixed with sugarcane and flavors. To experience granita for yourself, stop in at BamBar, located in the historical center of Taormina. They serve “breakfast” all day! You can even pair a few varieties in a cup, which makes it easier to choose from their 24 flavors. Or, you can be a purist and go with lemon (the first granita flavor ever). My favorite is almond which is made of ground almonds — I’ve never found anything remotely like it outside of Italy. 

Image: BamBar


Hotel La Palma, Capri’s oldest hotel, has emerged from the chrysalis. And yes….her wings are beautiful. Originally built in 1822 as a private residence turned haven for traveling artisans (artisans who contributed to the decor and eccentricity of the original property), Hotel La Palma laid dormant until recently. Refurbished and reopened in June — 200 years after the doors first opened — the motif is 1950s Capri. I love that the hotel’s beach club is open to non-hotel guests so they can spread the beach club love. Of course, I love that “Bianca”, a newly created rooftop restaurant, overlooks Capri and the ocean. “Bianca” has a glam vibe, and a chef whose previous restaurant had earned him 2 Michelin stars. Hmm … I’m already brainstorming special occasions and picking out my dress!

Image: Hotel La Palma


Things that don’t change — like traditions in Italy. Traditions carry continuity through time and connect Italian culture to its ancient entity. Classic recipes on the coast of Italy use local ingredients and specific techniques. Capers, olives, and seafood are all locally available and prevalent in Sicilian cuisine. Saffron is often incorporated into seafood dishes. No wonder, as it’s been grown and harvested in Sicily since at least 300 BC (which is quite amazing — as this spice comes from the crocus stigma — a flower that blooms for just 1 week each year). Traditional techniques are used to make arancini, a staple fried rice situation that is my fave. Another tradition — cannoli — has Arabic roots. Eating in Southern Italy is more Marrakech than Milan — and I’m here for it!


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