Run Away to Italy: The Best Short Films

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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Today I want to share a collection of gorgeous short films with you.

Consider them the tapas menu of travel movies: a small bite of this and a taste of that.

They’re just a few minutes long and deliver you the “beam me up Scotty” feeling … the one that transports you to another planet. Luckily sans the lycra bodysuit.

I don’t spend a lot of time watching movies or TV but I do love cool stuff on the interwebs (full disclosure: we don’t own a TV. Although I did go on a serious Mad Men binge on Netflix that likely shortened my lifespan by two years).

So kick back and do some armchair traveling with me.

There’s no time to pack; I’m beaming you to the south of Italy, the Cinque Terre villages, Venice and Piedmont. Oh, and you’re about to find love in the Rome train station (that’s vid #7). Enjoy!


Venice in A Day. A time-lapse of Venice seen by over a million viewers.

{By Jörg Niggli}


Dreaming in Italy. Journey to the south of Italy, in a region called Basilicata.

{By Matthew Brown}


Liguria in Lapse. The Cinque Terre is in Liguria, just above Tuscany.

{By Angelo Chiacchio}


Piazze d’Italia. People watching in forty five Italian piazze (that’s plural for piazza).

{By Edoardo Cicchetti, Jörg Niggli + more}


Experience countryside. In the Langhe and Roero region of Piedemont.

{By Mark Hofmeyr with Can’t Forget Italy}


Life is Beautiful: A Travel Music Video. In Basilicata, southern Italy.

{By Mark Hofmeyr with Can’t Forget Italy}


Notte Sento. A pretty stop motion love story set in Rome.

{By Daniele Napolitano}


Food Shopping Tips. Italian language lessons from kids.

{By Cross-Pollinate}


I’d love to hear from you! Post a comment below.

Do these short films beam you up to another planet?

If I gave you a plane ticket tomorrow, where would you go?

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Victoria Gennaro

I’m ready! Anywhere in that beautiful country!!!

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Victoria,

Great! I’ll meet you there! 😉


Sally Massey

Bianca thank you sooo much.
Loved watching these short clips.
We were just in Italy a month ago and it seems like forever ago. My biggest fear is never being able to return. If you gave me a plane ticket, we would head to Northern Italy. We were there but weren’t able to spend much time. We absolutely loved Verona. That would be my next trip. Of course we have thoroughly enjoyed our 5 other trips to Italy. Spending most of our time in Tuscany. I love Italy……the food, the people,the wine. I have to return !!!!!

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Sally,

Thanks so much for dropping on over. I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that Italy is in your future. Verona — here you come!

With love,


We’re excited!! and we are already booked!!!!
My dearest friend and I travel to Italy for 6 weeks!! summer of 2015. with 10 days in Croatia. We need to learn some of the language and so glad we found you to help with ANYTHING. Grazie Bianca

Bianca Gignac

Hi Joan,

That is very exciting you and your friend are escaping together. My most treasured memories are the ones in far away places, with people I love. I have yet to go to Croatia, but it’s on my list! You’ll have to let me know all about it upon return.

I’m happy that I could help!

Johannes Gudmundsson

Thanks for this clips I love them.I m going next summer to Italy

Bianca Gignac

Hi Johannes,

That’s fantastic news! Enjoy Italia.



I loooove getting these messages from you, as Italy is my favorite Place to visit. We are renting an apartment for a month in Florence next year..something I have always wanted to do. Can’t wait…thank you for these short films…esp loved the last one with the three children..beautiful

Bianca Gignac

Hi Jeannie,

Wow, Florence for a month! I did that! It was so incredible I cannot even tell you. You’re going to love it. Staying for a month in one place is such a dream, because you get to fall into the rhythm of life and it changes you forever. I can’t wait to hear about your adventure. Do come back and tell me!


P.S. Check out my Restaurants in Florence post and my What to do in Florence tips too.

Raleigh McDonald Hussung

Fabulous! Italy is my heart and passion!
Looking at these has made my heart smile! I’ve been traveling there for 20+ years…can’t wait to go back next May!
Grazie Mille Bianca!!!

Bianca Gignac

Thanks for your comment Raleigh. Enjoy your upcoming May getaway.


Janice Mercer

When Bianca, when?? We are waiting for you to announce your trip(s) so we can sign up! We want to go with you.

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

We want you to sign up too, Janice! Next year’s fare is being launched in the fall, so stay tuned. In the meantime, and to be among the first to know about them, sign up for updates above 🙂


Some of these bring tears to my eyes.

Thanks for collecting this in one place.

Bianca Gignac

Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way. 🙂

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