There are some talented humans in the world. Some of them make short films shot in Italy.

Below is a collection of a few of our faves.

Consider them the tapas menu of travel movies: a small bite of this and a taste of that.

They’re just a few minutes long and deliver you the “beam me up Scotty” feeling… the kind that transports you to another planet. Luckily, sans the lycra bodysuit.

So kick back and do some armchair traveling with me.

There’s no time to pack — I’m beaming you to the south of Italy, the Cinque Terre villages, Venice and Piedmont. Oh, and you’re about to find love in the Rome train station (that’s vid #7).

Venice in A Day. A time-lapse of Venice.

[By Jörg Niggli]


Dreaming in Italy. Journey to the south of Italy, in a region called Basilicata.

[By Matthew Brown]


Liguria in Lapse. The Cinque Terre is in Liguria, just above Tuscany.

[By Angelo Chiacchio]


Piazze d’Italia. People watch in 45 Italian piazze.

[By Edoardo Cicchetti, Jörg Niggli + more]


Experience the countryside in the Langhe and Roero region of Piedmont.

[By Mark Hofmeyr with Can’t Forget Italy]


Life is Beautiful: A Travel Music Video. In Basilicata, southern Italy.

[By Mark Hofmeyr with Can’t Forget Italy]


Notte Sento. A pretty stop-motion love story set in Rome.

[By Daniele Napolitano]


Food Shopping Tips. Italian language lessons from kids.

[By Cross-Pollinate]

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What memories do these bring up for you? Which one is your fave?


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Image credits: Rowan Heuvel

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