There are lots of reasons to visit Mount Etna, number one being geologic curiosity. It’s thrilling to get up close and personal with Sicily’s giant. At a lofty altitude of 10,810 feet, this is Europe’s tallest volcano. She’s got a base circumference of 150 km, four nested stratovolcanoes, and 300,000 year old lava flows. Etna is many things: beautiful, fiery, massive, legendary, and accessible. Yes! You don’t need to be a chiseled mountaineer to spend time on this peak. There’s a cable car system operated by Funivia dell’Etna, which has a series of lifts to take you to varying heights and views. Or, If sweating less appeals to you, we have another option for stratovolcano vibes: Our Italian Fix Sicily tour! We spend time on the slopes of Etna-at an iconic Sicilian winery. This exclusive experience is included in our itinerary as a beautiful way to appreciate Etna’s presence in the region. Our guests love this stop. In fact, guests who toured with Tommaso on our Sicily Tour in May gave us across the board 10/10 reviews!

One guest wrote, “During the tour, we were wined and dined and very much taken care of. It was so nice to enjoy being in Italy without worrying about any of the logistics. The hotels were welcoming and the transportation was comfortable. Tommaso was wonderful. I felt like he would absolutely go out of his way and do anything to make sure our group had a good experience.” (-Kara)

Wow, I have to admit, I don’t even have to summit Etna, because reviews like this already have me at sky-high happy!



Did someone say picnic? We believe that the Sicilan experience isn’t complete without outdoor dining, prosecco, and delicious farm-style foods. You can experience this with Valentina, who hosts an Airbnb Sicilian picnic. We like how she takes care of all the special details for her guests. This organic winery is on the outskirts of Palermo-which is where our Italian Fix Sicily Tour begins. Our tour is actually kinda like a huge picnic basket, equipped with 9 days worth of carefully planned goodness. And the truth is, our guests notice!

This is what another guest had to say after her Sicilian trip: “This is my 2nd Italian Fix tour and once again, I was totally blown away with the whole experience-from the beginning of the experience to the whole travel experience itself. I just love being able to “show up” and then being totally taken care of…I loved not knowing every little schedule detail ahead of time-and the little surprise activities!! Every day was a different adventure that gave me a true Sicilian experience!! I’m already looking forward to another “”Italian Fix”!!” (-Vangie).


Image: Picnic in Organic Winery



In Sicily, you’ll see vibrant pottery everywhere. There are bowls overflowing with fruit, intricate tiles alongside hotel pools, and colorful fountains in the square. If you love pottery and the process of making art as much as I do, then this Pottery Workshop in Palermo is a great way to spend a few hours learning about traditional pottery techniques. Decorate your own piece (which will be fired overnight and available for pick up the next day). Included in the workshop are some of maestro Allesandro’s favorite Sicilian pastries and coffee, served during a short break. Clay and croissants? Oh yes.


Image: Pottery Workshop in Palermo


We really do! We have a few spots left on our all-adults-welcome Sicily Tour in September! You can choose from Sept 2nd-10th or Sept 11th-19th. Wanna come? Italian Fix is super organized, so you don’t have to be! Clear your schedule, book your plane ticket, and join our tour. We’ll even send you a packing list and arrange your airport transfers

I’ve made a few spontaneous choices when it comes to travel. And I’m here to tell you that sometimes dropping everything to recharge was exactly the move I needed to engage inspiration and growth. We love how our guest put it, “Everyone in your organization is connected and efficient and delightful to work with…the details are so well attended that it makes the experience the memory.” (-Beverly)

Send us an email with “making memories” and we’ll send you more info!


With picnics + prosecco






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