Monaci delle Terre Nere is a hotel I viewed when I was designing our Sicily tour. I absolutely looooved it and wanted to bring people there, but it was also in the middle of nowhere. Which is kind what you want for a day or two. I suggest you come to Sicily on our trip, where we spend 8 nights staying at other stunning places, then plan to extend your stay a few days (cause that’s what you need when you stay in the middle of nowhere) and just chill by their glorious pool and dream of being reincarnated as a hotelier in the wilds of Sicily. PS I added another date to our Sicily tour schedule for 2022 because space was skinny on the others. Come! This new fall date will get sold out, too.


You know I like a good sandwich, ‘cause I like carbs and I like the cheapness and the easiness of just a good bun and some veg. And … I like the culture of these great panino places across Italy that have a mini fan base in their neighborhoods. Paninodivino in Rome is one such place and their philosophy of marrying the slow food movement with the idea of something fast is exactly the bullseye.

Image: Paninodivino


The return of live music. The return of anything “normal” in which brings us together. Let’s share this little gem that insiders go to called Spina Bar, in Palermo, Sicily. Go for the live jazz, stay for their rad cocktails.

Image: Spina Bar


When we are with clients of our Cinque Terre trip, we like to chill at Torre Aurora, which is in Monterosso — the same village we sleep in for the trip.

It’s an incredible location perched overlooking Monterosso with 360 degree views, and you can have dinner there. Request the table with the arch and view of the village as the sun sets.

Image: Torre Aurora



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With love + panini






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