Sicily may be at the bottom of “the boot”, but it’s so high on our “exceptional places” list that we needed an encore email. We have Sicily on repeat (kind of like a favorite song). It’s been a week since we wrapped up our first 2022 Sicilian tour. We had a brilliant group of women explore this stunning island with us…they’re still lighting up our group chat: bonding over the fun of it all, and plotting for “next time”. In fact, I heard the whole group wants to do another tour with us next year! It brings me serious joy to see beautiful friendships emerge from these vacations. Not to mention, returning clients are like stars on our own Italian Fix dreamboard. It tells us that we’ve done an excellent job, and frankly, that gives me the warm and sunnies. Last week we showed you photos of our group walking the Baroque streets of Ortigia, wine tasting, and sipping prosecco in Pollara as the sun melted into the Tyrrhenian Sea. We had lunch at the home of a real, honest-to-goodness countess! But– hold onto your sunhat–there’s more! We bumped into a recognized celebrity swordfish marketeer at the Syracuse market, discovered overstuffed cannoli, and basked in golden rays aboard a private boat tour. Toe-dipping in the Mediterranean blurs the edges of awake and dreaming. It really is exquisite when you’re living the dolce vita RIGHT NOW! Wanna live it too?

We have two more Sicily trips scheduled for this September. Choose from September 2-10 or 11-19, 2022 (both are co-ed). Reply to this email for more info.

Images: Snapped by our clients


Swordfish carpaccio sounds exotic (because it is). It tastes especially delicious when paired with a spectacular view. That’s why, when we’re in Taormina, we love taking our guests to Ristorante Granduca. Their dining room terrace is so pretty, the atmosphere is warm, and the menu is very Sicilian. No matter what sort of meal you’re after, you’ll find it here. Try their delish carbonara. Either way, if soul food is what you’re hungry for, you’ll leave blissfully nourished!


The month of May always brings fresh energy, and along with it, the opening of our Cinque Terre season. This past Sunday we welcomed our guests to the first of six 2022 Cinque Terre tours. I

I am already hearing rave reviews about our first-night dinner at Torre Aurora. This seaside eatery is housed in an ancient structure originally built to fend off pirates. (Now it fends off hunger.) Torre Aurora rolled out the red carpet for a beyond-fabulous kind of night! Speaking of the red carpet…I love the fact that two of our guests did a pre-night in Portofino and happened to be there for the wedding of the year, the Kardashians! We’re awesome at what we do, but timing like that, it’s just good karma coming back! Tune in next week for what it’s like to travel the Cinque Terre with us…. Cause girls just wanna have sun!



Ortigia is also on our Sicily tour roster — it’s a stunner.


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With love + swordfish carpaccio






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