Does strolling through Sicily in the sunshine sound dreamy right about now?

We’ve already got dips in the Ionian Sea and poolside cappuccinos on the brain…

Which is why we wanna tell you all about the silly gorgeous Sicily tour for women we’re running in October that has your name all over it.

Our May 2019 Sicily tour is already full, and we don’t want you to miss out!

Because Sicily is the up and coming spot in Italy.

Of course, that’s not news to Italians. It’s the rest of the world that hasn’t caught on yet, although I do believe that’s changing. (Actor Will Smith was spotted in July on the Aeolian Islands, where we take our clients.)

It took Bianca years of going back again and again to craft the ideal trip for her people.

For people like you, who value the perfect blend of small-town-strolling, island-hopping and countryside al fresco lunches to fully unwind.

If you’re ready to get in on something sweet, read on to see where we’ll take you on our Sicily tour.


We start in pretty Palermo, where our private driver whisks you away from the airport to your hotel in the heart of the historical center with a private driver. You settle in and relax before a sunset aperitivo at one of the coolest places in town — the luxurious residence of an actual count and countess. Our number one priority is to get you feeling like vacay started immediately!

Once you’ve mixed and mingled with your new friends (and Italian nobility), we’re off to a Sicilian feast on the rooftop patio overlooking the city of Palermo. You’ll drift off in the buttery soft sheets of our grand hotel with dreams of the island you’re heading to next — Salina in the Aeolian Islands.

sicily tour palermo center

Why we start here: Peeling back the layers of Palermo reveals influences from the Phoenicians and the Byzantine empire –– its 2700 years old! You might think you flew to Morocco by mistake because Palermo’s markets seem more like souks. Oh, and the meal we start with is hands down one of our faves.

Aeolian Islands

On your second day, we head to Bianca’s favorite place in the world (and that’s saying something) –– a UNESCO-Heritage-stamped-site, the Aeolian Islands. We stay on Salina, a magical n’ tiny gem that only insiders know about.

For the next three days, your priorities include: relaxing by the pool with the book you’ve been trying to read for months, getting massages and Sicilian almond-milk baths in the hotel spa, and eating endless pistachio granita.

We’ll also cruise around the islands in our private boat (look out for dolphins) and watch the sunset over plates of spaghetti, because we can.

Do not forget that bathing suit, because when you’re on the “Hawaii of Italy,” you won’t be able to help yo-self — you are going to want your body in that sparkling turquoise water. Opt for plenty of solo time, or grappa with the girls –– your choice. We don’t force anything (except insisting on all meals being delish), because it’s your vacay.


Why we spend three nights here: Because no other Sicily tour goes here, and we want you to unwind to the point of questioning whether you really need to go back home (totally normal). Plus, it’s the most enchanting place we’ve ever been, and we don’t use that word loosely. Plus, our lead guide’s family villa is right next door to where you’re staying –– so you know you’re with someone who truly knows Salina and all its secrets.

Ortigia and Syracuse

You unwillingly leave Salina for our next stop, because there are more UNESCO Heritage sites to hit up. We stay in ancient Ortigia, a small limestone-paved island connected by bridges. You’re right in the center of everything in this gorgeous city that’s seen Arabs, Normans, and Bourbons cruise through over the centuries.

Ortigia is a great place to get your shopping on. It’s small and not overwhelming, but with plenty to see. It’s safe and tidy and has an excellent market. On our last day, we venture out to the surrounding villages for a lazy lunch in the countryside, al fresco.

Why we spend three nights here: It has the most precious piazza. And many Greek ruins. There are never crowds and cramped anything — so no line-ups for any monuments or sites. There’s enough to do, but not so much that it kills your Salina-chill vibe. We’re still on the ocean. And you’ll stay at a small boutique-y hotel in the historic center. We want to make every single moment under-the-radar stupendo.


Taormina is where we channel our inner Sofia Loren and dine on pizzas with views of the Ionian sea. We stay in the main town, carved into cliffs above the water. People love to come here for three things: the ancient Greek amphitheater, the mountains, and the sea.

(Oh, and to forget about the real world. Laid-back fun with friends instead of regular life for the win!)

We get through all that, and then some. We even road trip on day nine to a hidden mountain-top village we love for all the reasons we take people to Italy in the first place: the pace, the food, and the people.

Why we take you to Taormina and beyond: You can’t leave Sicily without seeing Taormina — as far as we’re concerned, it’s non-negotiable. We make the extra effort to take you to uniquely Sicilian villages because these are the kinds of experiences that are challenging to navigate on your own –– you need to know the locals and speak the language if you don’t wanna get lost or miss out on the gems in the area. We’ve spent years building amazing relationships with people in Sicily, and we want to squeeze every drop out of the experience for you. No cobblestone unturned.

After a last celebratory meal in a super-special Taormina restaurant on your final night, we drop you off to wherever you need to go the next day –– whether it’s flying out or your next hotel because you’ve extended your stay. End to end, we got you.


So, wanna come to Sicily with us?

We’ve only got one tour date left for 2019:

October 12 – 22.

We’ve got a striped umbrella with your name on it.

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