I’m a big fan of Kristina Gill and Katie Parla — two women you need to know about!

Katie is a force to be reckoned with in the Roman culinary world — she’s written more than 20 books about food and travel, and her work has appeared everywhere from The New York Times to Bon Appétit to The Atlantic. Over the years when someone has written me asking about Rome, I’ve just sent them straight to Katie’s blog.

Kristina is the Italy-based food and drinks editor at Design*Sponge — that’s where I first saw her sharing killer insider intel with others — and a photographer who has shot for National Geographic Traveler, Kinfolk and AirBnb.

tasting rome review

When we were looking for in-the-know people for our Rome chapter in Gigi Guides, they were both a deliciously natural fit. Kristina (above left) is Gigi Guides’ Rome “go-to expert” and Katie (above right) contributed a sample itinerary describing her “Perfect Day in Rome” — because hey, the most important criteria for Gigi Guides has always been to get the coolest tastemakers to share their inside scoop with Gigi members, and these two are at the top of their game.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that they were teaming up together to create a cookbook! Yay!

Oh, and I want to give you a copy, ’cause I love you like that.

Click here to be entered in a draw for a chance to win a copy of Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors & Forgotten Recipes From an Ancient City.

[Update: winner has been chosen]



Now, about the book.

Tasting Rome showcases the fresh flavors and forgotten recipes from an ancient city, and every recipe has an interesting story behind it. Some are genuine classics with traditions rooted in two thousand years of history. Others represent the modern and cosmopolitan city Rome has become, with nods to street food, speakeasies and fascinating Libyan Jewish fare. It’s not just a cookbook — it’s also a history lesson and a window into the cultural life of one of the world’s most beloved cities.


Are you traveling to Rome?

Find out what Kristina and Katie suggest for your trip in Gigi Guides.

Get your paws on this book!

I hope I’ve inspired you to lean on people you like and trust and read their advice when it comes to your Italy vacation. It’ll save you days of stress (and time you likely don’t have) trying to plan your trips.

With love + gnocchi,



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Are you interested in travelling to Italy with us on a day trip?

Check out our Day Tours of the Cinque Terre and Florence HERE!

We’d love to see you in Italy!


(photo credits: inside book images by Kristina Gill // Clarkson Potter)

7 Responses

  1. Hi Bianca,

    First, let me thanks you for all your great information. My wife and I visited Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Cinque Terre last year and information from your blogs and FB page was very helpful. This was before you started the Gigi guides. We like to travel and explore on our own, so next time we would definitely use your guides. Next year, we are planning on visiting Capri. I know you don’t have a guide for Capri, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations for accommodations, restaurants and must see’s while we are there. Or better yet, do you have a recommendation for someplace other than Capri for a nice Italian island experience.


    1. You’re very welcome, Brian! Thanks so much for reaching out to let us know our info has been helpful to you. You’re right, we don’t have a Capri chapter yet, but up next are the Aeolian Islands in Sicily, which we love. A particular favorite is Salina — we were just there for one of our tours this summer and had such a blast, so we’re busily putting all of the intel we gathered into a chapter for Gigi Guides. You can expect it in spring of 2017.

  2. Hey Bianca, I came across your site looking for tips on cinque terre. Your tips and tone is very fun! and I would love to have done a tour with you. But I’m travelling through Florence and Cinque Terre, (solo girl) from 19th of Sept to 24t of September. I was looking for tips, I could get from you, especially for staying in Cinque Terre for 2 nights? hope to hear back from you soon

  3. Hi Bianca,

    I am planning a 5 day trip to Rome and a 6 day trip to Tuscany with a group of people. As it happens, I stumbled upon your website and I think it’s fantastic. I am responsible for all the planning and the logistics. And I was wondering if Gigi guide would be something for me? Does it at all cover Tuscany? I would very much appreciate any feedback.

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