You know that feeling you get when you find exactly what you need? Sorta like relief and joy and peace all at once? It’s a vibe alright! We call it the Cinque Terre Effect. Take for instance a charming courtyard table reserved just for you. There’s purple blossoms scattered upon crisp white linen, and jasmine blossoms all around (steal one for your hair, why don’t you?). The birds are singing in the cherry trees and you can smell herbs and garlic coming from the kitchen. I feel my nervous system calming down just imagining it. Or how about listening to crystal clear waves lapping against the pebbled shore? You’re shaded by a striped beach umbrella that matches your icy cold Aperol Spritz, and you couldn’t be more relaxed. Or picture the bustle of narrow twisting streets packed with colorful storefronts, and the company of your newest friends. Lean in close for a photo to remember the moment– laughing as you all flash your pearly whites!… It’s the stuff that daydreams are made of… Which is why we’re bringing you a sequel to last week’s Italian Fix news. If you’re having a hard time NOT booking our Signature Cinque Terre Tour–be warned–this is gonna tempt you further!… Although our May tour is a wrap–our guests are still on cloud nine— we are fine tuning our upcoming sold-out June & July tours. We always have a long list of things that we do (behind-the-scenes) to make your time in Italy special. We want your adventure to be seamless. Travel with us? We’ll get you organized with a private driver from the airport (chauffeurs are the best!) One less thing to worry about before you get whisked into vacationland!


Images: Snapped by our clients


Torre Aurora has stood watch over the turquoise waters of Monterosso since the 13th century. Originally used as a defense against marauders, this impressive tower now houses a fantastic restaurant. The terrace view is to-die-for (the menu is as gorgeous as the vista). Torre Aurora uses the freshest regionally sourced ingredients available. The abundance of the Cinque Terre is showcased with delicious dishes and creative cocktails. Lamb, sweet potatoes and anchovy-herb butter, yes please! (Monterosso is famous for its anchovies-very different from what we are used to in North America.)This is a favorite stop on our tour. We always ask for a sea view, and we always book ahead. Although it’s on the expensive side, we know it’s well worth the splurge. (As an insider tip, stopping in for an aperitivo is a way to enjoy this stunning view while still keeping an eye on your budget.)


Image: Torre Aurora


When in the Cinque Terre…drink Cinque Terre vino. A combination of sea spray, African winds, and minerally rich earth harmonize as perfect conditions to grow some of Italy’s rarest wines. Due to limited production, it’s unusual to see this phenomenal product anywhere else.  On our tour, we take you to Cheo winery. This is not just any winery, it’s the favorite winery of many locals. While we’re here, we introduce you to Bartolo, Cheo’s charming owner. An enthusiastic winemaker and local storyteller, Bartolo’s passion for his craft shines as he walks us through his vines and past stone terraces. He explains the history behind the particular style of winemaking in the Cinque Terre, and the reclamation of vineyard lands. His presence is warm and heartfelt and his wines are unique. Don’t worry, we get to taste them! If you see Cheo on the wine list at a restaurant in the Cinque Terre, order a bottle. What does love taste like? When you sip on Cheo wines, you’ll know. Prepare to be infatuated.




Our Cinque Terre tour is packed with activities, but we still make sure you have afternoons to sit and chill by our favorite rock in this postcard-perfect corner of Monterosso. You’ll have time to take it all in. Our goal? We want you to leave feeling Italian, leave living life at a slower pace, and leave with a whole new group of friends. You’ll have a thousand memories–and photos like these that make it hard to believe that this is your life!  And those beach chairs? One of them has your name on it, we already reserved it for you.


With love + mango gelato


PS Want to join us on this tour in September? Send us an email with “Cinque Terre ME!,” and we’ll send you details about the last spots of this season on September 1-8 or 22-29, 2022.

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