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A Yacht party sailing in the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean

This beauty is waiting to sail in Med waters. I can already see us sipping a Spritz in the white lounges, while the kids catch minnows off the back deck. Actually, scratch that, the boys will be cannonballing off the top deck and us mamma’s will be nursing their sunburns that night. But the dream is still SOOO nice that since seeing this beauty on YachtWorld, I’ve been looking around my house looking for what I can sell for my “boat fund”. (Maybe the house has to go.) There’s no need to buy a catamaran, you can rent them by the week with a captain. I’ve done this in Sardinia and can make intros.


Montepozzali from above

I can vouch for the dreamy hillside digs of this beautiful convent turned country hotel, Montepozzali. We get to stay here when we’re back in Italy visiting family who bought this property a few years ago. What I love about their place is it’s really in the middle of nowhere (you’ll need a car to do Tuscany right), but close to the Tuscan coast for daytrips and beach days. They have a lovely pool, which you’ll need if you’re landing in Italy in July and August, and a restaurant onsite so you don’t need to go anywhere, except to the loungers with your book. The owners are Elisabetta and Luca (my husband’s cousin) and they have created a little Tuscan dream zone.


Wax Theory Positano Spritz Candle

The biggest gift that has come out of this strange period has been the opportunity to help people build new brands and businesses. I started offering business coaching and consulting pre-pandemic and it’s the thing that kept me sane this year as travel was a washout. One of my clients works as a realtor and needed something new in her life. She came to me with just an idea (no name, product or any previous experience in e-commerce), and we took her from idea to launch (and amazing sales) in 9 months. Check out her new company, Waxtheory. We named this candle Positano Spritz and I wanted to share it with you.

Do YOU have an idea for a business? Or something already in the works but not getting results you need? Return this email to discuss us working together.

(Image by Italian Fix photographer and workshop host, Leela Cyd.)


Tortellini at Midnight Emiko Davies

Carb hangovers when you’re traveling Italy … totally a thing. That’s why it’s culturally acceptable to sleep all afternoon. When you’re not in Italy, but would rather be, channel some sort of domestic goddessery from a past life and cook out of this beautiful cookbook with the best name ever, Tortellini at Midnight, by Emiko Davies. (Image: Emiko Davies.)


Pollara, Sicily cseaside cliffs

Pollara, Sicily. This tiny village on the Aeolian Islands is as close to heaven for any water lovers out there. Watch the film “Il Postino” to get a glimpse of Island life. We also take clients here on our Sicily tours.

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  1. Bianca, once again you nailed it! This First Peek is going to pique (see what I did there!) your fans’ attention and adoration of all things Italian. You continue to inform and inspire in unique and wonderful ways. Thank you!

  2. Bianca~ You’ve got me hooked! I LOVE reading your “teases” and emails…the ONLY email I actually get excited about reading!
    Until we can get back to Italy, KEEP them coming!!!!

    Ciao + Dreaming (Sognando)

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