If you’re on the prowl for the best things to do in Italy, you gotta zoom way out — it’s all about the big picture here.

There are lost of lists that tell you exactly which places to see, which foods to eat and all the fab neighborhoods to stay in. We ourselves just so happen to have crazy cool researched guides to Italy to give you the scoop on all of that.

But if you wanna know how we structure our guides, our tours and our experiences, a nuanced approach to traveling this incredible country is the name of the game…

These five experiences will help you see Italy in a special way, immerse you waist-deep to truly feel it out and allow you to see it with fresh eyes.

Heads-up: they involve going all in to get beyond the usual suspects in each city. This is for travelers who wanna shake things up.


things to do in italy like eating fresh local food

1. Get Hungry

When was the last time you reserved a cushy spot at the best restaurant in town… just because? When in Italy, you gotta do it. Especially since the “best restaurant” here doesn’t always mean it’ll be the most expensive.

Do some research about where locals eat (or check out our recos on things to do and eat in Italy in our city guides here) and make those bookings way, wayyy in advance. In Italy, the best restaurants can get booked out months in advance, especially if you’ve got a Michelin-starred one on your radar.

The next best alternative is booking a cooking experience (we love doing this pretty much anywhere), where you get to spend a couple of hours with a local chef to learn a recipe you can whip up back home to conjure up some tasty vacay memories. Plus, you get to chow down your creation right after.

2. Get Wet

We’re a team of water babies through and through — that’s par for the course considering most of us call the Cinque Terre home for most of the year. So take it from us — if you’re anywhere near water in Italy, get out into it! Italy is surrounded by gorgeous blue-green waters on three sides, and diving into the Mediterranean is high up there on our favorite things to do in Italy.

If swimming isn’t your thing, charter a boat (doesn’t have to be a fancy-pants thing — it’s super easy to do in Cinque Terre) and get them to take you out to secret swimming spots, cute coastal restaurants, and pretty picnic spots to enjoy fresh charcuterie and a glass (or two) of your new fave local vino. We do this on our Southern Italy tour among the Amalfi Coast, and on our Sicily Tour around the Aeolian Islands. If you’re visiting Venice, get a private vaporetto or gondola to guide you — they’ll show you the less touristy corners of the city that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise!


Things to do in italy like exploring beautiful vistas

3. Get High

Like we said at the start — to figure out the things you wanna do in Italy, you gotta zoom out. And quite literally, one of those things is getting as high up into your city as you can to see it from top-of-the-tower levels. Here are some of our faves:

Want *all* our reco’s on things to do in Italy to make your trip ten times easier to plan? Our digital City Guides should be in your back pocket for your trip! Find your city here.

things to do in italy like rooftop yoga

4. Get Active

Getting your heart rate up in Italy can happen so many ways, just by finding The Painting you’re obsessed with in a galleria or digging into that perfect bowl of cacio e pepe after walking in the sun all day in Rome

Or don your sweat-wicking gear and put those cute shoes to the cobblestones. When thinking about things to do in Italy, we love heading out early in the morning while the city is still groggy to tackle a big walk — from your hotel to those rose gardens on the other side of the city, for example. To a neighboring village if you’re on the Amalfi Coast. Along a vineyard, just outside of cities like Siena or Florence. To get on a trail in the Cinque Terre, before the heat fully kicks in. And if biking (or Vespa-ing) is more your speed, rent one and go on a day tour with a guide.

There’s more to Italian cities than what’s pulsing in the heart of them. Venturing out by foot or bike to explore is one of the things to do that most people miss when they’re swept up by the gorgeous cities they’re parked in. Do it!

5. Get Sexy

Yup, we said it. Let’s be real like the farm-fresh ricotta we’re spooning onto our plate right now — Italy is totally known for beautiful people. Beautiful clothes. Beautiful products. Seriously, that’s why we always allow for extra room to shop when we pack. And while window shopping is fun — c’ mon, you’re in Italy. The place to be inspired, but also, to take action. Our suggestions:


There are truly so many things to do in Italy, but we’re all about the experiences. We believe it’s about how you wanna feel first, and what your camera clicks second.

Remember that when you’re planning your trip, our City Guides make that so much easier. We’ve been there done that, and we’re passing on decades’ worth of Italy travel knowledge inside. Or join us on a day tour! We’ll SHOW you everything we’re raving about.

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Now we would love to hear in the comments, what’s one thing you would like to do when you’re there? Post below, and you may just help someone else find something great too.

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