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The best thing about owning a travel company is meeting incredible people from around the world.

My clients, collaborators and team are among the best people on planet earth.

Here’s a look at the fun we have together.

There was a crazy heatwave in Italy during shooting. I’m stoked that you can’t see our sweat dripping (in all sorts of places I won’t tell you about).

Why do you think traveling is important?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

xx, Bianca

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Such a great video–I was already excited about the prospect of going on one of Bianca’s trips, and after watching it, I’m even more so!

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Yay Lisa!

Deborah Grimsley

I love it, I’m definitely down for this! I’m a stressed out, over worked romance author (pen name Kimball Lee) and I need want deserve one or all of these trips!!! Prices please and my Visa card is yours, Biaca 🙂 Hugs!

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Hi Deborah,
Your job sounds super fun!
We’d love to have you join us on one of our tours. Click TOURS at the top of this page to see what this past year’s season was all about (including prices), and stay tuned — our 2017 season will be announced this fall 🙂


This is such a great video it makes me want to leave tomorrow for Cinque Terre. I look forward to sharing an Italian experience with you.

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

We’d love to have you, Erin!

sharon stearns

B – one day, my trip will come… meantime…. love knowing you’re creating these beautiful journeys! xxoos


Same here! I’ve been saving my loonies and twoonies!

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

We can’t wait to have you ladies join us one day!


Beautiful video Bianca! Very well done. The descriptions and testimonials are spot on. And you get Brownie points for the one with the Aussie accent (everything just sounds better that way).

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Lol! Agreed, Cameron!

sharon kurdell

My husband & I spent 10 days in CT. It was awesome. I
took your advise for many of our activities. We stayed in a small apartment in Roimaggiore but enjoyed all villages as well as the trails I appreciate the advise you shared on your blog.

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

So glad we were able to help make your trip awesome, Sharon!


What a great video! You look fantastic! No sign of sweat:)
The website and trips look great!

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Thanks, Sharon! And yes, Bi looks awesome 🙂


Dear Bianca, your video had transported me
And made me drea, I am just so excited to be part
Of this journey, thank you for sharing

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

We couldn’t have asked for a better reaction, Dany! Thank YOU for sharing 🙂


Makes me homesick for Cinque Terre and the lovely ladies I met there. Every word is true! GO WITH BIANCA!

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Thanks, Anna!


I love it! Makes me want to go RIGHT NOW!


Great video-makes me want to jump through my phone and be there right now. How much are your trips?

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Hi Kimberli,
We would love to have you! Check out the TOURS section of the site for details about our 2016 season, including prices. Our 2017 season will be announced this fall.

Jennifer Lawrence

This is an amazing experience; I highly recommend o anyone looking for a very special experience. It will change your heart.

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

Thank you, Jennifer!

Lisa Loeffler

Hi Bianca, Thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Also, I want to thank you for suggesting that my friends and I stay in the Oltrarno area while visiting Firenze in September. It was perfect! Ciao…

Kiiri @ Italian Fix

So glad to hear that you loved Oltrarno as much as we do, Lisa!


seriously, you rock. this looks absolutely amazing

Lynda Del Grande

Bianca, love your video. It brought back such wonderful memories of our time together on your Discoverly tour last June. For me, Italy is an old friend. You are a new one and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to introduce me to the sights, food, wine and the amazing group of women you brought together to experience the best of the Cinque Terre. xxoo

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