For years I’ve sucked at collecting frequent flyer miles.

It’s embarrassing to think about how many free flights and perks I’ve missed out on over the years.

My strategy simply sucked – I didn’t have one.

My methods sucked infinitely more – I chased low mileage payouts (like twenty points from the back of an orange juice container) that did diddly-squat.

My timeliness also failed me – all my Aeroplan points expired after a year of non-use. How frustrating is that! Any pathetic progress that I’d made was wiped out (they’ve since stopped doing that cheeky move over at Aeroplan BTW).

That was the point when I got mad (I’m a red-head), and like other moments in my life, it motivated me to change.

I decided I was gonna get my butt into free flights and perks like the pros do and quit farting around (this is officially the first time the word “fart” has appeared on Italian Fix;  things could be moving rapidly downhill from here on in).

I knew that other people scored flights without actually flying more and spending more money, and I wanted to learn how to be in that party as well.

Travel hacking is the answer.

Have you ever heard about travel hacking?

Travel hacking is using the frequent flyer system to:

Travel hackers do the following:

Hacking the frequent flyer system doesn’t mean unethically ripping off the system — it means taking better advantage of the free rewards already offered and understanding how the frequent flyer system works so you can leverage that information in your favour.

But I had one problem – travel hacking takes a ton of time.

You have to research deals, read fine print, and learn how to do it.

And who has that time to blow?

I thought travel hacking was for people without jobs. Or a busy life.

Ya know – those species of humans you overhear chatting at the coffee shop about their lack of time to play World of Warcraft, and you’re like buddy,  go get some real problems.

Anyways, I digress.

I wanted to travel more without spending time actually scouring the earth for points programs.

So I found a loophole.

travel hacking cartel

The easy button method to collecting free travel points without wasting time finding them.

When I heard of the Travel Hacking Cartel I was intrigued.

It was created by Chris Guillebeau, who has travelled to every country on the planet (yes all 193) mostly via leveraging frequent flyer miles. This dude eats free long haul flights in business class for lunch. He knows the ropes better than almost anyone because he’s been at it for years.

I felt confident I was gonna receive reliable guidance from him.

Being in the cartel gives you tutorials and Deal Alerts right to your inbox.

Since I was making pretty sad headway on my own – I joined to see if I could change my wicked ways.

I joined for a two week free trial which costs $1 and now I pay $15 a month to have all the deals in the world spoon fed to me. I also have access to all the member benefits like tutorials, community and motivation 24/7.

I’ve been a member for a few months and every month I spend an hour or two going through the deals and applying for the ones that suit me.

I’m one third into my goal of obtaining 100, 000 points to fly Air Canada’s loophole – one international ticket which gives you three destinations (they include two free stopovers on the flight). It’s a better use of miles than getting an around-the-world ticket and I learned about this loophole from the cartel! This is exactly the kind of stuff you’ll get into with very minimal time and pain expended when you join the cartel. If my track record has anything to prove – if I can do it you can too.

My ultimate dream is to travel for six months with my husband and daughter with flights paid for on points. And now finally I’m making it happen thanks to this strategy.

The Travel Hacking Cartel doesn’t just send you deal alerts. It also lets you:

What I totally love is that the Travel Hacking Cartel also guarantees you’ll earn one free flight every three months (25,000 points every quarter) from being in the Cartel – and if you don’t they’ll comp free months until you get the miles you need. Check out the full guarantee here.


You only need a few hours a month to do this.

I believe in you!

I guarantee you’ll find that time when you start seeing your points balances add up from following their tips.

The Travel Hacking Cartel has served over 10,000 travellers since 2009, and they have the easiest way in the universe for you to earn free miles right now.

Here are some member stories:

I racked up over 300,000 airline miles without any flying or spending any extra money. It sounded too good to be true, but it was absolutely worth it. This year I’m headed to Australia and New Zealand with the miles, Business Class. Steve Kamb

You’ve made the complicated world of miles accessible and so manageable for me. I just booked my second trip to Africa because of what I learned from you, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. You really deliver! Ashley Sinclair

With my new 62,000 miles, I have already booked a Star Alliance reward ticket from South Africa to Uganda for my volunteer trip to Africa this summer. This saved me so much money! And I still have miles for the next trip. Sheri Krause

If you wanna check out the Travel Hacking Cartel then click here.

If you wanna read more about travel hacking you can read these articles:

If you want to ask me questions about scoring free miles then ask away in the comments. I’ll try to help you out.

As always, happy travels.

Baci, Bianca

P.S. Yes, you can be a complete beginner and start racking up free travel miles without spending more, flying more or using credit cards with the Travel Hacking Cartel. Click here for your $1 trial.


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  1. if you are looking for cheap hotels i would just like to let you know what i use when i take my family on vacations or whenever i have to go on business trips and it is hotelsmixmatch.com and they will offer you an 80% discount on whatever hotel you chose and where ever in the world. Lol i am just getting exited thinking about this but yeah they are a underground company so they can offer these rates. Well thanks to my friend kevin for telling me about them and i told you guys so check them out if you ever want to go on a trip or something they will save you money on some pretty amazing hotels

  2. Baci,
    Thanks for your sweet page on travel !
    I have poor or NO credit. How will this affect me ?
    Will my opportunities of flying mileage increase if i have more Credit cards or better credit to my name ?
    I have no credit cards to my name at this point. How does one actually begin without credit to their name ?

    Thank you very much !

  3. Bianca,

    This information is fantastic! Unfortunately, I have already booked our flights to Italy for our honeymoon. We are planning on driving through the countryside starting in Rome to see Papa Francesco for a personal blessing through the Sposi Novelli Program (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then staying with a friend in Tuscany at his winery/B&B and heading to the Cinque Terre for two nights…then moving on to France (I have always wanted to go to Lourdes, so we will take a train or rent a car to get there and maybe stay in Nice for a night). Since I have already bought my tickets, is there a way that travel hacking can help me with this particular trip? Not sure if there is a way to use points toward a trip that has already been paid for (I doubt it but figured I would ask!).

    Thank you for your help! Also, your website is AMAZING. So helpful.


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