Do you know what some of the trickiest reservations are to get in Italy? Anything run by Massimo Bottura. A star chef in Italy — reservations can take ages. I once read about someone waiting 5 years! I was also told that if you can be flexible with your dates, you could get lucky. The restaurant Osteria Francescana is often on the world’s top 50 lists. Plan waaaaay ahead — this dreamboard worthy meal/event could be yours.


Casa Olivetta is a new offering on the market, and is the brainchild of fashion designer Collette Dinnigan. I like how Collette and her partner had a vision after seeing it in ruins, and just worked over the years to put it all back together again (using local craftspeople and materials of Puglia and Southern Italy). It’s everything I love in a house. Neutral with little surprises — loving the green tiles in the kitchen and the local ceramics. Meet me by the pool?



Buffalo mozzarella. Are you a fan? If you’ve had the good, real stuff in Italy — you’ll know what I mean. Keep an eye out for any “mozzarella farms” when you’re traveling because eating at these farms is insane. It’s next level heaven and we take our clients here for cheese paradise.


There is a small buzz emerging about the Italian borders potentially opening up in June. It’s not set in stone of course — more like it’s set in marble dust. We’ll make sure you are updated and I’ll be sending out more info about the possible dates we’re going to offer in 2021. I’m EXCITED. If you want to be on the special list to hear about 2021 trips — send us an email with “more” and we’ll zip deets your way.

Photo: Katrina Tan


At this table, all together. It’s at Borgo Egnazia — a fancy hotel in Puglia.


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