It trulli is a magical time of the year in Puglia. Wait, trulli what? Oh, yes, I have never met a trullo I didn’t like. A trullo (trulli is plural) is a traditional building you’ll see in Puglia. They are dry stone buildings topped with “corbelled” limestone slabs that are shaped like cones. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before and they’ve been making them in this area for over 1000 years (the settlement of Alberobello was constructed in 1000 AD). These structures are very pretty with Christmas lights and I see pictures of them around the internet a lot this time of year, but summer is really the recommended time to travel to Puglia. I am a huge fan of the luxe trulli “compounds” with room to roam and pools to swim in. Trulli Andrea is rented by the week and has room for a dozen. Tell me if you trulli like it.


Image: Thinking Traveler


If you travel to Sicily, make room in your schedule for amazing Palermo, Sicily’s largest city (even if it’s not very large, at less than a million people). We heart Hotel Quinto Canto and also use it as one of our Palermo bases during our 8-night Sicily tour. Its spa makes it a real diamond in the Palermo rough (oh, and spas are my jetlag-be-gone travel trick).


How fab is Firenze and how ridiculous is Il Palagio? Ridiculous in all the wonderful ways that mauve draped curtains can be, of course. Tucked inside the Four Seasons in Florence, it’s a Michelin-awarded restaurant famous for its signature dishes, such as this ‘party in your mouth’ plate — crunchy eggs with porcini mushrooms, garlic, and candied lemon. The chef loves to take trad Italian dishes and reinterpret them with a modern Brazilian influence. Vavoom!


Check out Manarola, a village in the Cinque Terre, where this week they lit up the biggest nativity scene in the world.



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With love + lemon gelato






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