I am very excited to introduce someone special to you today.

Her name is Giulia and she has invited us to her home in the Tuscan hills outside of San Gimignano for a Tuscan cooking lesson.

I can’t wait.

This experience will be included in the upcoming photography workshop in Florence this May. See more juicy details here.

An Italian cooking lesson with a cookbook author and blogger.

Giulia’s country home will host our group as we spend the afternoon stirring pots, chopping herbs and creating our Tuscan feast. The cooking lessons will introduce each dish with family stories and local traditions; you’ll learn to cook as Tuscan grandmas and moms do every day in their kitchens for their families.

Giulia has been living in the Tuscan countryside her entire life in the same house where her father was born and her grandmother was also born.

Her strong connection of place and her passion for the best locally sourced ingredients will allow you the share in the intense spirit of cooking, eating and celebrating — Tuscan style.

The experience.

Of course the evening will also be a wonderful opportunity to put your new food shooting skills to the test that you learned earlier in the week. It will also be interesting to hear how Giulia turned her love of food into becoming a full time food blogger. She is celebrating her fourth year writing the incredible Tuscan food heaven in pixels: Juls’ Kitchen.

No cooking class at Juls’ kitchen would be complete without a wander through her Tuscan hill town and an aperitivo in the garden. It’s the calm before the eating storm.

I’m so honoured to be able to set the table this spring with Giulia, photo workshop leader Leela Cyd, and the wonderful group of women who have joined this trip so far. As of today there is still space available if you would like us to set a place at the table for you too.

If you want a dose of Tuscany, creativity, incredible food, fresh air and the sparkly vibe of Florence then on behalf of myself, Giulia and Leela we invite you to join us for this incredible week. See the full itinerary.

It’s an Italian vacation masterfully orchestrated to rock your socks learning new skills in a friendly and fun environment so you can be even more amazing than you already are.

I’ll eat to that.

julskitchen_2 julskitchen_florence_workshop julskitchen_1 julskitchen_country julskitchen_coffeecake julskitchen_chicken julskitchen_chicken_2 julskitchen_gnocchi_1 julskitchen_gnocchi_1a

julskitchen_pasta julskitchen_tirarmisu julskitchen_tiramisu


All photos by Giulia Scarpaleggia of Juls’ Kitchen.

Please comment.

Would you like to learn Italian cooking in Italy? What’s the best Italian meal you’ve ever eaten?

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  1. why oh why did I look when I’m hungry! the eggplant and the gnocchi my mouth is watering and … I gotta admit the glass of red wine I can’t resist.

    1. Hi Gillian,

      You know that rule: don’t go to the grocery store hungry? Well I have a new one: don’t look at blogs when it’s lunch time. xx Bianca

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