Zipping around the Tuscan countryside — yes plz. My recommended wheels are attached to a Vespa, a motorcycle, or a vintage car. Stay in the Val d’Orcia area of Tuscany, as it’s a compact area of hill towns and bring-you-to-tears views (The English Patient and Under the Tuscan Sun were both shot here). This area of Tuscany is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Montalcino, Montepulciano and Pienza being the gems. On top of that, this also happens to be one of the most famous wine-producing areas in the world. Stop at a dreamy enoteca here. The husband and I spent many days roaming these parts on a motorbike (our daughter was busy at a Tuscan soccer camp) and I remember those days as a beautiful dream. (I took the above video on that trip.)


Planning. Dreaming. Scheming. Don’t stop — we’re in full force over here. As soon as the borders to Europe open — Italian Fix will be selling tours like hot cakes. Pent-up demand + guests rolled over from 2020 = high demand. If you want to be on the 2021 interest list for Sicily or Cinque Terre let us know. Just reply to this email. We also have a brand new, not published, but available to insiders on this newsletter “house-hunting” trip — where we’ll travel to Italy together to look at areas of Italy excellent for getting a second home (or staying there long-term) and viewing dozens of properties with experts. I already have a waitlist going for that trip — so reply to this email if that sounds interesting. I’m so EXCITED about that one as I love developing new trips and I LOVE Italian real estate and feel that there are insane opportunities there right now. 


(Photo: Leela Cyd)


Today I’m featuring a classic recipe for gnocchi, and it’s taken from the website Giallo Zafferano. This website is a household name in Italy, as it holds endless recipes from all areas. If you want a basic version of an Italian recipe, go here to find it. Yes, it’s in Italian, but run anything through Google Translate and voilà — magica! I’ve translated the gnocchi ingredients list for you below. Gnocchi is actually a very easy thing to make, and my daughter has been making homemade gnocchi since she came out of the womb. Here is your shopping list:

1 kilo red skinned potatoes
1 egg
300 grams of flour
Semolina flour (to roll, or use reg flour)

Follow the assembly instructions on their blog.


Speaking of Tuscany, today I’m sharing Il Palagio with you. It’s the personal home of Sting and Trudie Styler. It’s the kind of place you want to gather for a milestone birthday with friends, or talking one of your fancy friends into marrying there and inviting you (my wedding in Italy was the very opposite of a grand affair at Il Palagio). I’ve got a weekend here on my radar, as I love the outdoor movie screenings and the horseback riding options they offer. Sting also rents his onsite recording studio out. That’s cool!


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