We’ve talked about the volcano that you can see from our breakfast table at the hotel we stay at in the Aeolian Islands during our Sicily tour. Did you know that you can hike right up to its crater? We’re talking red lava spewing into the air right before your eyes. Bucket list item? Oh heeeelll yes! Stromboli has been active pretty much continuously for the last 2000 years, and Volcano Adventures is an outfit that gets you right up close and personal with it. For a really deep dive, sign up for their 9-day From Stromboli to Etna tour, guided by an expert volcanologist!


Is it possible to look into the face of an alpaca and not feel your heart constrict with pure love? When we found out we could take evening strolls through the Tuscan hills with these gorgeous animals at I Colli di Marliano, we immediately put it on the list of agriturismi we WILL be staying at. They make their own Chianti too, as well as oil, honey, and other goods produced on-site, including scarves and blankets made of the softest alpaca fur. You guys, this place is cozy on every level.


Sometimes you’ve got to just stop and be grateful that a beautiful thing exists in the world. That’s how we’re feeling about the Frasassi Caves tucked deep in the rock between Perugia and Ancona. Discovered in 1948, these stunning natural wonders are a giant labyrinth of underground caverns thirteen kilometers in length. Book a tour with a specialized caving guide, and they’ll kit you up with overalls, a helmet with headlight, and boots. Get ready for a truly otherworldly experience!


WE’VE GOT AN OPENING ON THE JUNE CINQUE TERRE TOUR! Sorry, I’m yelling it to the treetops because this tour has been sold out for MONTHS. One of our guests has had to back out at the last minute because of a change in her work schedule, so we have one private room up for grabs. Does it have your name on it? Send us an email and let us know if you’re interested. We don’t think it’s going to be available for long!


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