I have been writing the Italian Fix blog for almost 10 years.

And on these posts, I’ve recorded my highest highs (laugh-till-your-abs-hurt on a boat in Sicily moments with clients) and holy sh*t also the lowest lows (teary-eyed, cancelling every 2020 tour, watching a decade of work go down the tubes).

I’ve grown into a writer by writing these emails — “writer” was never a label I would never have self-identified with before, but the journey seems to have changed that.

I used to write with a toddler on my lap, back when blogs had lots of comments. That same child is now a tween who brings me tea while I work (and comments on the photos… “Awww, there’s Carol in Ostuni,” she’ll say, because she’s grown up with me building this company and has dined with clients from Monterosso to Modica).

Things evolve, and I embrace that. The worst thing a founder of a company can do is ignore changing times — hello, remember Blockbuster? Netflix ate their lunch money.

I’ve been thinking about the future of my company, whose mission is to help you travel. Since we’re not exactly jumping on planes to Europe right now, I wanted to change things up.

I wanted to do something NEW with the way we connect over email. Something relevant that you look forward to opening and forwarding to your friends.

Effective today, we’ve redesigned the style of the weekly email.

And you’re the guinea pig… you can read the first one here.

Italian Fix has always been about having fun, letting your hair down (the “hair-down factor” is actually a metric we measure on our trips), and making the most of your most precious asset — your free time.

This feels like the right way to deliver intel now.

Bite-sized doses of inspo and categorized, steal-worthy ideas.

I like to think that you could open this email and use it to DREAM now and stash to PLAN later (archive them and voilà! — hundreds of good ideas for your future trips are yours when you need them).

This new newsletter is called “The Edit”.

Here’s what we’re gonna send you weekly, all in one go:

Click Here to see Edition #1.

Comment below with ideas of what you’d like to see — I love tapping the communal brain. Building TOGETHER is way more fun.

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  1. Wonderful new email format AND a great way to connect with your fans and clients, Bianca. I purchased your City Guides in anticipation of taking our granddaughter to Italy next summer, and every email from you encourages us to dream and make plans together. Thank you!

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