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Take a walk on the Path of the Gods. I know it sounds like the sort of hike where you might happen upon Venus (radiating love from her giant scallop shell), or run into a flaming chariot. But in this case, Roman mythology takes a backseat to stunning overlooks of the Amalfi Coast. This is what the trail was named for… out-of-this-world, larger-than-life beauty. Start your day early, while it’s cool. Stop in at a panetteria in Bomerano for pastries. Bring your treats along for later. Begin your ramble at the high end of this 5.5 mile trail and wind your way down towards Positano. There are plenty of perfect places to picnic. As you near the bottom of this path— the sound of waves against the pebbled shore will get louder —you’re almost to the end. Why not strip down a few layers at Arienzo Beach and round out your adventure with a plunge… This is the sort of morning that will remind you that there is so much beauty in this world waiting for you.

Images: P. Kaczynskietzia, Letizia Agosta, Hotel Poseidon


Food and place are interconnected. When you travel anywhere, you can find clues about the culture embedded in food. A meal can tell a story about a village and what it means to exist there. What I love about Rada Beach Bistro is that it rises from an ancient fisherman’s cave. This tiny detail sparks the imagination, and the palette. It’s no longer just a deep rock opening that offers a safe place to mend and store nets. It’s more than protection from storms and a place to sort the ocean’s bounty. The original cave has extended to an elevated deck with striped table cloths, candlelight and delicious dishes. It’s still salty, and still fresh like the breeze rolling in off the bay (and for the late-nighters among us, it’s also a club). Celebration over the ages has morphed and changed (it’s hard to imagine a weathered fisherman busting a move to a B-side), but gratitude and joy often manifest in feasting, dancing, and togetherness. This is what I really love about ancient places. Connection to the past, to the demands of survival, and to celebrating the parts where we catch a breath and really enjoy life.

Image: Rada Beach Bistro


Born in 1955 as a private villa, Hotel Poseidon has long been owned by the Aonzo family. The décor is accented with hand painted tiles, antique pieces, and Positano’s original elevator (which dates way back to 1965). A vintage wooden lift is pretty sweet, when you’re staying in a vertical village. I love that many of the rooms have private terraces with sea views. And— get this very groovy offering —you can even arrange for complimentary use of a Volkswagen Beetle. Take that baby out for a morning roar, then spend your afternoon at the hotel solarium. If Poseidon himself wanted to take a quick vacay away from his undersea kingdom, I have a hunch that he’d point his trident in the direction of this hotel.

Image: Hotel Poseidon



At the loveliest table in Positano, here at La Sirenuse. It’s so pretty, with plants that climb across the ceiling towards the light. There’s a ridiculous view of the town and the ocean stretching to the great beyond. Foodies — this is a “must-do” in Positano. If you can’t get a table, do have an aperitivo at the bar next door called Franco’s — same view — less fancy.

We’ll take you to the Amalfi coast in 2023. More details about 2023 trips coming at the end of this month!

Image: La Sirenuse


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