When you dream of Christmas, you’re probably not picturing Venice, amiright? Well maybe you should be! Campo Santo Stefano is transformed every year into a veritable Christmas village, dotted with dozens of little wooden cabins selling carnival masks, ceramics, Murano glasswork, and other Venetian craft specialties. Pick up a traditional panettone, dried porcini mushrooms, truffles, candied chestnuts, almond nougat, and more yummy goodies for your Italian Natale celebration.


After you’ve shopped our heart out, head north to Trento and stay at Hotel Be Place, an eco-friendly, super chic hotel. Their philosophy is that you aren’t just booking a room, you’re enjoying an experience, and we’re here for it. Some rooms have their very own sauna inside and hot tub outside — winter bliss!


‘Tis the season to warm up our bellies and munch on some hearty Italian feel-good food. Tuscany is the place to go for the kind of rustic eats this weather calls for, and you’ll want to hit up Florence for a steak you’ll remember for a lifetime — we love I’Tuscani 2 in the city’s historical center. Try their quintessential fiorentina, the tartare, or the beloved tagliere. And leave us a bite while you are at it!


Wishing all of you the warmest of holidays from all of us at Italian Fix. Would love for us all to be right here, sipping a glass of Chianti and enjoying each other’s company. Sending love from our families to yours.



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With love + Chianti






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