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Ecstatic. Yes.

Elated. Check.

Can’t wait. Of course.

We are going to the Cinque Terre in June.

You’re invited! Registration for this event is OPEN.

It is so much more than a vacation.

This is not time-off. It is time-on.

See the details here.

This has been created because we believe in the power of incredible EXPERIENCES.

Travel is our platform to deliver this message: Life is about the people you meet and the things you share together.

Travel offers something that can’t be found in stores or in your backyard. Travel offers a break from routine and endless opportunity for potential.

The events are chosen for a clear purpose: to renovate your inspiration and expand your potential. When you feel inspired everything in your life seems more possible. Put inspiration in your toolbox this year and see what you can accomplish.

Cut to the chase and see the details here.

There are two focuses of this trip.

The first focus is delivering an extraordinary experience. I am very tuned in to what constitutes a fantastic Italian stay; my experience living, traveling and being a student in Italy has made that possible. My work planning travel itineraries to the Cinque Terre and running an Italian travel website embodies my desire to help you experience Italy in your lifetime. The things I want you to discover are the things I want my best friend to see.

You will meet two people in Italy who will will rock your world. Your co-host is Tim McDiarmid, a woman who knows how to bring people together, show them a great time and feed them with that effortless style you wish you possessed.  She is one of the visionaries behind the pop-up restaurant The Special Projects Social and runs her mini empire Tim the Girl Catering in San Antonio, Texas. Your stay with us includes daily sessions with personal trainer Josh Levine, who is an outdoor enthusiast, coach, art collector and owner of MBS Fitness. He is amped to offer you fitness classes in the Mediterranean air right from our hotel.

The second core focus is delivering outrageous value for money. Yes — money. Money is a big deal because there never seems enough to go around. Vacations are so often put on the back burner because there are so many demands for our hard earned dollars. For this trip we’ve completely taken the guess work out of how much a trip to Italy will cost you.

Our one INCLUSIVE price gets you dinner and breakfast every single day, your lodging in an awesome little boutique hotel, all your activities (which I can’t wait for you to see) and your transportation while you stay with us. Also included is wine with dinner and cocktails and parties to welcome you and bid you farewell. This is a big deal. So many group tours cut corners, they half-quote you the prices and then pad ridiculous costs into the deal that you don’t see upfront. That’s not cool. That’s not how we do it.  We want there to be no financial surprises so you don’t risk spending more than you planned on. We offer you the security of knowing the price upfront so you can decide if this will work for you.

Incredible value + transparency = peace of mind.

Where is the Cinque Terre and why are we going there?

We are staying in the exact village that I arrived in about 10 years ago with my girlfriend who told me it was, “the most romantic place on the planet.” I guess she was right because I met my future husband and the father of my daughter within hours of my arrival. She wasn’t joking!

The Cinque Terre occupies a small coastal strip in the northwest part of Italy, just above Tuscany. It is in the Italian province of Liguria and the section known as the Italian Riviera. The nearest city is La Spezia. The Cinque Terre translates literally to mean “five lands,” and refers to five villages built so closely together they are connected by walking paths.

The Cinque Terre is a national park, a protected marine environment and a UNESCO world heritage site. It is comprised of the five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.  It is a must-see destination for Italians and foreigners alike. The Cinque Terre is sometimes compared to the Amalfi coast because of the way the villages cling to ocean cliffs.

You can see our gorgeous little photo gallery that will give you a great idea of the setting for the event.

Spots are extremely limited. We are inviting just 10 people.

Registration is now open. Join us!


Image credits: left to right top to bottom: Maurizio Bordoni, RuthL, ho visto nina volare (2), Lomoody, MMChicago, Lomoody (2), kruder396, supermuch, Werner Boehm (2)

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  1. Bianca! I realized it is already June and came to your site to find out when you were going to be here and I see that I just missed you! 🙁 Bummer! I was looking forward to meeting you and your group in Vernazza. I hope you had a very successful trip, even though our weather has been unusually bad. Allora alla prossima…

    1. I know Nicole — we will have to save it for next time sadly. I was short on time and heavy on work! I’ll be back in May and we can connect as I’d love to meet you too! A presto! Bianca

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