>> This is day 4 of a 7 day party delivering a sneak-peek at how getting your Italian Fix is the best thing you can do with your precious vacation time.<<


Tim McDiarmid is part of a food revolution.

She’s helping us eat healthier. Better. More in tune with what food is meant to be: nourishing.

And it’s revolutionary because we’ve really screwing it up in the way we farm, consume and enjoy food. In our time of abundance, most of the food we eat is literally killing us.

Sure — it’s a downer. But the upside is that Tim and other food revolutionaries are re-educating the population and going against the grain of cheap, fast and dangerous food.

Meet Tim the Girl:


Tim grew up in Canada in the middle of nowhere — and her mom taught her that if you want good food — you have to make it yourself.

Her family of six grew a huge outdoor organic garden and preserved their harvest for winter time eats.

Naturally – you don’t escape this lifestyle unscathed.

Tim is the biggest food snob I know – in the best possible way.

But being hyper tuned into what makes a fantastic meal is why she’s so darn brilliant at what she does.

We’ve been friends for 15 years and she’s always been ahead of the curve – cooking “healthy” and “farm to table” before restaurants irreverently threw those words on menus and people started getting used to spending twenty dollars on a jar of pickles from the hipster food store.

Tim lived in NYC for two decades and got to eat and work her way through the most intense food scene in America. Obviously NYC can kick a passion for good food into high gear; there’s a never ending choice of great restaurants and creative peeps dishing out ridiculously stellar meals to the highly critical masses. Mediocre just doesn’t hold ground in NYC – not like it would in a small town.

Why is this important? Why should you care?


Because learning simple recipes can make your home life run smoother.

Because eating healthy is living well.

Because eating can be a celebration.

Because eating good stuff makes us feel good stuff.

Because putting real food in your body can spread through your home, your friends and your community. Revolutionary? Maybe. Life altering? Definitely.

Tim is coming to Italy.


From our gorgeous stone veranda in the Cinque Terre, Tim will be sharing the heart of what she knows. She’s gonna give you her best recipes, her un-fussy cooking tricks and her fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants entertaining style that will help you have more fun in the kitchen.

We want you to come home — to your real life – with the skills to cook healthy, effortless and beautiful food for you, your friends and your family.

Because revolutions always start somewhere.

See the Cinque Terre trip details.

This trip to the Ialian Riviera offers you a cooking class & dinner made by Tim. It also gives you:

See the full itinerary for this tour to the Cinque Terre. It’s limited to 12 people but some spots are already sold out after just a few days of sales. The Cinque Terre tour is our flagship trip and you can read the reviews from past guests here.

Enjoy these pictures of visiting the Cinque Terre with us.


Free loot!


To continue this week of celebrating the release of our 2013 trips we are giving you free stuff.

We want to give you the chance to dine at Tim’s pop-up-restaurant The Special Projects Social.

If you are in San Antonio, Texas then enter by writing a comment below. Her events sell out every single time.

Read more about her cooking class in Italy, her pop-up restaurant The Special Projects Social or Tim the Girl personal chef services.

Read the full itinerary of the tour of the Cinque Terre, Italy that includes a cooking class and dinner by Tim the Girl.

Chat in the comments about anything: What about your eating habits would you like to change right now? What would you like to learn about cooking and food? What are your healthiest eating tricks? What is it about food & eating in Italy to you?

All images by Leela Cyd

{Update: The recipient of 2 tickets to the next *sold out* pop-up dinner in San Antonio is Ronee Anderson. Thanks to everyone who wrote comments. We love you!}

100 Responses

  1. I attended my first SPS event, “Al Dente” last weekend and I was blown away!! It was seriously, one of the coolest events I’ve ever attended and I met some amazing peeps. The food was stellar and the venue was beyond amazing. I would love to go with Tim to Italy and drink and eat myself into an Italian coma. I’ve there a few times and each time, I’m truly astounded at how wonderful, simply prepared, fresh food can taste. You are correct. America is doing it all wrong. We need to slow down and savor life and all it has to offer. We’ve made nature our bitch and she’s getting back at us with increased obesity and disease. I so enjoyed meeting Tim and I’m so looking forward to the next SPS dinner.

  2. We attended an SPS in the Spring to mark the 1 year anniversary of the event. It was great fun we met new people and had a lovely time.

    1. I regrettably haven’t been able to attend an SPS event yet, my pocketbook prevents it–but this Speakyeasy one does sound spiffy! I was a guest the other evening at the CPS Promenade that also had a speakeasy theme and I got out a ’20s silk frock I’ve had for decades with black jet trim all about, and we ended the evening in the lovely new Prohibition-styled bar Brooklynite and fit right in sipping my Negroni! I’d love an excuse to slip into that number again any day! cheers!

  3. Dying to go to Italy anyway. Really dying to after reading about this trip. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience that would be. In the past year, my hubby and I have discovered nutrition and real food–so funny (and sad) that that’s like something foreign and unexpected to discover, but it was. Hoping we can attend one of the SPS events someday. I love that SA has something like that!

  4. How wonderful…
    I’ve been watching your gig from afar, like a shy kid at the dance. If things don’t work out on this one, maybe we can catch the next one.

    Peace and plenty to you,

    David and Susan Dikin

  5. Tim, your amazing vision is such a great thing for San Antonio. Thanks for working your magic here. Looking forward to the AIA tomorrow evening. And I’ll be dreaming of speakeasies and Italy tonight!

  6. ME! ME! ME! Mi piacerebbe visitare l’Italia un giorno di questi!
    I would really like to adopt a vegetarian diet. I started, but then became pregnant and was neither confident nor knowledgeable enough to have the guts to keep it up. I know there are many successful vegetarian mommies-to-be with healthy babies, but I need to educate myself on proper nutrition to be able to feel good about practicing while pregnant and passing on to the rest of my family. I LOVE to cook, but can’t seem to abandon chicken broth so I need help, haha!

    I’m also a 4 year Latin student nerd and have missed out on THREE opportunities to go to Italy. It’s my dream.

  7. I would love to eat consistently healthy! It is ironic, my husband and I both work in restaurants/hospitality and we are not consistent on cooking the way that we love due to our schedules. I would love to learn how to do this!It would be great to learn the basics again for cooking/simple tricks and ingredients. We do try to eat organic fruit and veggies and keep them in the house for quick eating, lots of greens, sprouts, vegetables. my husband is from France, and has managed several Italian restaurants here in San Antonio, but we never had a chance to go to Italy, but it would be amazing to learn about Italian cuisine and incorporate this into our future to share with others here in San Antonio. Weve heard wonderful things about your pop up events and looking forward to the one coming up this month at Alamo Plaza! Thanks for being here in SA.

    1. Hi Michele,

      That is so cool that your hubby has managed Italian restaurants. It sounds like you know a lot about food. And it definitely sounds like you are due for a trip to Italy. We’d love to have you and the trip to the Cinque Terre is definitely designed for the people who love food. Thanks for sharing. xx Bianca

  8. To eat healthy prepared foods doesn’t mean it has to taste badly. Thank you Tim for doing these events and getting other people and/or communities involved. I try to cook healthy and when i do i feel better and so do my friends. I think the tipping point of eating healthy is just around the corner. I hope more individuals follow in your footsteps!

    1. Hi Courtney,

      I agree with the tipping point — healthy eating isn’t just the talk of hippies and back-to-the-landers. Urban folk are on the bandwagon and we’ll all benefit from this. It’s nice to go into any big city now and see great vegan and vegetarian options. That just wasn’t the case even 10 years ago.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.


      1. I hope to see more shops and farmers markets at every corner Bianca! 🙂 I can only hope right?

        Take Care,

  9. I need to work on cooking for one – I cook like a champ for guests, but eat cereal out of a coffee mug when it’s just the party of me.

    I’ve heard great things about your pop up events, and hope I’m able to attend one soon.

    Cheers – Waspy

    1. Elizabeth — I love the image of cereal in a coffee mug and I’ve SO been there. I get so busy working that sometimes I completely forget to eat — and then I’m so hungry I eat a wedge of Parmesan or something completely weird. I’ve been juicing lately and that has been a lifesaver for me. Even when I get super busy I know that I’ve started the day right with fresh veg and it carries my energy for a good chunk of time. I totally recommend getting into juicing. Better than cheerios!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      xx Bianca

  10. Thank you so much Courtney! We are what we eat, thats for sure. And I for one don’t want to look like a flaming hot cheeto stewing in coca-cola!

    1. I don’t want to be like the fair fatality food….. fried butter on the stick… :/

  11. Tried your delicious salad with tea stained egg at the Slow Foods Harvest Gala. Would love to keep supporting SA culinary events!

    1. Hey Elizabeth,

      Have you ever tried her beet stained eggs? I haven’t but keep seeing those photos and need to. Maybe we could get her to show us in Italy.


  12. I tasted Tim’s food at a friend’s house a few years ago and I still talk about to this day. Also, I really would love to go to Italy…

    1. Hey CMS,

      She is a crazy talent — I agree — her meals linger on the mind.


  13. This is almost like saying I have a dumb question- feeling like what you have to say is really not sophisticated enough but here goes anyway since I would love to try anything by Tim the Girl! I am a foodie by the god given taste buds I have. I would love if my eaten habits were anything at all especially consistent. I have like 18- 20 hour days and excuses for eating bad or nothing at all are in my everyday vocabulary. My one trick is the hunt! It’s really sad that I do not take more time to cook but when I get a moment I find restaurants that serve delicious food and the world stops. My life thrives on good company and good flavor in every part of it. So that is how is how I even found TIm the Girl-about a week ago at that, and I am very curious. Me, Italy and food? Well it’s a match just waiting to happen whether I win a trip or not, because where real good food is that is where I love to be.

    1. Ciao Dahlia,

      I think we can all relate with what you say — when we get busy most of us fall off the wagon. I love that you’re a foodie by god given taste buds!

      Thanks for being here.

      xx Bianca

  14. I want to shop more at the local farmer’s markets. What do I want to learn about cooking? EVERYTHING since I can’t cook (I just took a knife class at Central Market so, lookout, I’m getting skilled!). And I’ve been dying to attend a SPS since forever. I hope this will be the one!

  15. Attended my 4th SPS “Al Dente” last week and it was amazing. Each one keeps getting better. Tim the Girl and Zubiate Projects provide an experience that integrates the elements of great food with a relaxed atmosphere that includes art, music and magnificent settings. Tim makes sure every detail is beautiful. It is a total sensory experience that allows participants to visit hidden gems in San Antonio.

    1. Ronee,
      I think successful people who are great at what they do make sure that the bigger visionary stuff happens — but never forget that the details make people feel special and loved. That’s why I love working with Tim because we both approach our businesses form this angle. Thanks for your comments.

  16. so my relationship with cooking is complicated. i really like cooking for friends. it’s not so much the act of cooking that i really enjoy, but the spirit of it – putting together a delicious meal for the people i love while sipping spirits and enjoying each other’s company. but interestingly, when it comes to cooking for myself & my small family, it becomes *such* a chore. so much so that many times i find myself not cooking. i’d really like to change that. i’d love to have a small treasure trove of easy, healthful & tasty recipes that i can cycle through. i want that spirit of a meal with good friends to be there when i cook for my family…

    also? i *love* TimTheGirl’s healthnut bread, her lentil & walnut paté but most of all her philosophy… and would LOVE to attend the Gatsby-esque, Fuck Prohibition, Speakeasy SPS!

    1. Kim,

      Thanks for sharing your struggles with the daily grind of meal making. I think many women can relate to feeling like making food for their families is more chore than celebration. I’ve been guilty of this too — going all out for guests and than cooking a half-assed stir-fry for my husband and daughter. I agree — having an arsenal of recipes to fall back on is the key to eating well at home instead of eating out.

      xx Bianca

  17. wow wow wow
    i cannot enter the giveaway as I live in canada but wanted to say WOW
    looks so amazing and I can ALMOST taste it!!!

    1. I know — San Antonio is a little far to travel for a meal. Thanks for your comments anyways Christy.

      xx Bianca

  18. Tim is one hard working woman and it makes me proud to see her doing her thang every month in style. We share an attitude towards food (I grow an organic garden in my yard and substitute my garden’s shortcomings with locally grown farmer’s market produce) so it is wonderful to see her influencing my hometown in this direction. Obviously San Antonio is better known for its breakfast tacos than its garden fresh cuisine but I don’t see why they have to be incompatible. Anyhow, I had the pleasure of attending one of the SPS events almost a year ago exactly and found the company, food and atmosphere quite magical. Would love to do it again if given the chance!

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      You’re right — Tim works her butt off! Someone needs to invite her over to their house for dinner. But she’s no good at dishes…ha!


  19. Love all things Italian. Especially my Italian husband, who makes the best gelato and sorbeto here in San Antonio. You must come try it on The RiverWalk. Justin’s Ice Cream is made in all the traditional flavors as well as some with a traditional San Antonio twist.

    1. Hi Fiona,

      I want to go! So interested what gelato flavours are with an SA twist. Tequila?

  20. This sounds wonderful! I love all the new things I’m learning from reading these comments. I’m definitely going to try the gelato! I’m on my way to enter the Italy contest!

    1. Thanks for reading Sarah and happy you are learning some fun stuff. I want to eat that gelato too!
      xx Bianca

  21. I love the food Tim creates and am V. excited to finally get a chance to take part in The Special Projects Social dinner experience.
    The trips to Italy sound like the perfect combination of a foodie’s dream, the beautiful settings, the heavenly produce, luscious meals and of course a bit of vino shared with fellow travelers.

  22. I first heard about SPS and these trips from my friend Colleen Pence, and I hope to enjoy both some day. My husband and I have always loved wonderful foods, and we’ve had some amazing meals all across the U.S. (including SATX of course!) and Canada. But we’ve never made it to Europe. Yet.

  23. This is IT!!! The trip of trips, the one that captured my mind and spirit the moment I saw the details!

  24. I attended my first SPS in February of last year, and it was magical. Not only did I inhale the gorgeous foods prepared by Tim, but I stole her recipe for sauteed kale with lemon and have been savoring remnants of that meal for months. I also had the opportunity to volunteer at SPS in May, and had a wonderful time slinging drinks and watching others lick their luscious plates. Italy is on my mind… can only imagine spending quality time, sipping Amarone, and popping gooey cheese into my mouth.

  25. Eating habits I would like to change right now… Well it’s more of cooking habits or my lack there of. I LOVE to cook but I am just a beginer (dont’ do it often enough) so I read instructions and take a little longer to prepare my meals and since I have a 15 month old baby girl and a “helpful” 4 year old daughter it is almost impossible for me to get through cooking a meal without chaos so I don’t cook and I HATE it. I want to be like my mom who opens the fridge and whips up one or serveral meals in 15 or 20 mins tops. I have such a long road ahead. 🙁

    1. I hear you Lilliana. It is not easy with little ones. There are some nice easy cookbooks out there. Gourmet has one that contains many delicious easy recipes.

  26. The SPS events sound tempting, but it’s not always feasible financially…so a free ticket would be ideal! 🙂

    Sounds like an nice thing to experience at least once.

    You guys should totally do a low cost SPS for children, market it in all areas of the city to all demographics. The (food)revolution really starts with the youth, what a great way to inspire them to be more engage with their food socially, politically, financially (job/entreprenuer), personally.

  27. I wish we had more of this in San Antonio. These images put a smile on my face! My favorite things in life are: going to places that I’ve never been and trying food I’ve never had. I have never been to any SPS so sign me up to win!

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