How to Get to Sicily: A Cheat Sheet

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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How to get to Sicily from Rome

I want to show you how to get to Sicily. Quickly and cheaply.

Sicily is a ridiculous place.

I have no idea why more people don’t go there.

It seems to have all the pieces we crave in a holiday — amazing beaches, clean ocean and genuinely friendly people. Oh, and the food. The food you, like, think about two years after eating it.


The only reason more people don’t go there is because it feels out-of-the-way. Sardinia, another Italian Island, has the same problemo — it feels removed.

But it’s actually not.

Sicily is a large island off the southern tip of Italy. As you know, Italy is shaped like a boot. There’s a little bit broken off the “toe” of the boot — that’s where Sicily is.

In a plane, Sicily is a snap to arrive. Here’s the lowdown:

From Rome: 1.25 hours
From Pisa: 1.75 hours
From Naples: 1 hour
From London: 3.25 hours
From Paris: 2.75 hours

How much to get to Sicily?

I usually fly to Sicily from Pisa airport — which is the closest to my summer house (my hubby’s family home is in La Spezia, near the Cinque Terre). The last time I flew I paid $90 for a flight in high summer. I got that rate booking 6 weeks before my travel date.

You can get it for way less if you book ahead. I just looked at prices for May. A one-way flight from Pisa to Catania airport is 28.59 euro (approx. $30 USD), with Ryanair.

So that means piggybacking a Sicily stay into your mainland trip to Italy is not only “time feasible,” but price feasible too.

how to get to Sicily

A trick:

I’m the self-proclaimed queen of logistics when it comes to itinerary finagling.

It started years ago when I was backpacking, with no money, on various trips through Mexico, the U.S., S.E. Asia, Australia and Europe. My friends and I would do the craziest things to save a night’s accommodation (let’s sleep on a Mexican bus, cause we’ll be sure to save $12. Ouch. My neck aches just thinking about it).

Now, at this point in my life, I have no time (hello mother/wife/business owner), so I don’t try to save 12 bucks, I try to save time. Now I look for “this won’t kill me” routes and flights.

My advice for visiting Sicily on a European trip is this: Put Sicily on the beginning or the end of your trip, so you don’t need to backtrack. Combine it with an open jaw flight (more on that below).

Here’s an example of how I book my flights:

Outbound “main” flight: Use a big international carrier, like Lufthansa or Delta.

  • Example: Vancouver (or insert your home airport here) to Pisa.
    You’ll be on mainland Italy for your travels. An example itinerary would be Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice.

The “hopper” flight: On a smaller, or discount, or European airline to take advantage of crazy low fares within Europe.

  • Example: Venice to Sicily (I see January flights for $20 on Volotea airline. Not a typo!) A Sicily sampler itinerary would be Palermo, Aeolian Islands, Taormina, Modica, Catania. (I’m hosting a tour to Sicily this May, and that’s our route.)

Inbound “main” flight: Your return flight on your original ticket.

  • Example: Catania (a Sicilian airport) to Vancouver (or insert your airport here).

How you can get to Sicily too:

Step 1) Book an open jaw “main” flight. An open jaw means you fly into one city, and depart from another. That will get you to Europe, and back.

  • Example: Outbound: LA to Rome. Inbound: Catania to LA

Step 2) Book a European “hopper” flight. These mini flights will let you travel within Europe, for el cheapo, and shorten travel times.

  • Example: Rome to Palermo

#BiancaTravelTip: Luggage on hopper flights.

The European el cheapo airlines can be brutal with luggage limits. If you’re traveling with carry-on luggage only, Ryanair could be a good fit for you. If you have more luggage, don’t book with Ryanair; look at companies like Alitalia instead.

#BiancaTravelTip: Skyscanner (like Kayak), is a great flight search tool for European flights.

#BiancaTravelTip: The Stopover Loophole.

Did you know that many airlines offer free stopovers? Holy Canutuccini!

That means, on your way home from Europe (or on your way there), you can visit another city — for free!

I think one of the coolest (literally) stopovers on your way to Europe (from North America) is to Iceland. Fly with IcelandAir for that deal. I’m going to do it someday.

how to fly to Sicily

How to get to Sicily: more tips

Airports in Sicily:

Wondering which airport to arrive into Sicily? Remember, Sicily is tiny (you can drive north to south in 3-5 hours). Even so, there are quite a few airports. Catania airport and Palermo airport have the most flights. Trapani and Comiso have less.

sicily airports

How to get to Sicily on the ferry:

You can also take a ferry to Sicily. This is in the “adventure” category — not the quick category.

But it’s fun! I just took the ferry from the port of Naples to Sicily. See my Instagram photos. The ferry was about 9 hours. We booked with Direct Ferries, and they do a good job of making easy bookings. We paid about 200 euro for 3 people, including a private cabin, and dinner for three.

How to get to Sicily by car and train:

Of course you can drive to Sicily by loading your car into the ferry. We decided this isn’t really worth it — because we could just dump our rental car in Naples, and take the ferry as passengers and save a bunch of money. Plus, we knew that we didn’t need a rental car for a few days for our next stop in Palermo and the Aeolian islands; it’s better to just rent scooters on the islands and not deal with parking in Palermo. 

There’s actually a train that connects Sicily to the mainland. The train goes on the ferry, cool right? You can check out the train schedule here. But remember, if you book ahead it might be cheaper to fly, so check those options first.

In closing:

I encourage you to weave a Sicily trip into your larger European trip. It’s not a big drama or expense, and you’ll come back raving about Sicily. Everyone does.

Sicily Tour

Want to ditch all the planning and just come with me? See our Sicily tours.

With love + almond granita,

P.S. Leave me a comment. I read them all.

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Meritha Noerdiana
Meritha Noerdiana

Hi Bianca! I was actually just planning to visit Venice and CT but then you made me want to go to Sicily too oh good God! So I will be flying from Jakarta, Indonesia, which city should I visit first: Venice, CT, or Sicily? Reallt appreciate the advice 🙂



We(two adults) are interested in visiting Sicily and Malta – travelling from Australia. We had envisaged flying to Rome, then maybe taking a train down the coast, then a ferry. We are used to travelling on Greek ferries, which you only have to book a day or two in advance,… Read more »

DEANNE Landsberg
DEANNE Landsberg

Hi I want to from Paris to sicily but I want to go to Panera too I’m goi g to go may 12 til 19 then back too Paris what r ur thoughts and where do I fly into to get to Panera is it Sicily or Taormina thank u… Read more »

Diane Marion
Diane Marion

Hi! A friend sent me your link. I will be traveling for the first time to Europe in Oct. from Boston. my destination is sicily. I have made 0 plans at this point. Love your tips. Best to stop in London first?

Angelica Reid
Angelica Reid

Hey! Are you mentioning Vancouver, BC, Canada?? I’d like to pick your brain in some travels plans for next year. Rome & Sicily 🙂 please email me

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